Massage schools – The magic of touch

Who does not know the magic of touch? It has the power to heal you emotionally, mentally and physically as well. A little touch can lift your spirits when you are down and broken-hearted, it helps reduce depression and stress, reinforces the immune system and can also help alleviate physical pain. Massage schools teach potential practitioners the art of touching therapeutically. The recent increasing trend towards using massage as the ideal way to relieve stress and cure a host of ailments had given rise to a growing need for more trained massage practitioners and massage therapists. There are many different massage therapy schools, each offering a different combination of the various massage techniques.

Choosing a massage school

Massage schools offer a plethora of therapeutic and innovative massage instruction courses, from acupressure, shiatsu and reiki to sports massage, deep muscle and zero balancing. Which massage therapy school you choose to go do depends on what you wish to do with your training. Do you wish to offer massages for therapeutic purposes or as a way of relaxation? Are you interested in working with sports athletes or medical patients? Would you like to be highly specialized in any one form of massage or would you like to learn a combination of many?

Once you have narrowed down your choices, you can start reviewing the various massage therapy schools in your area. Check which ones offer the choice or combination of choices that you are interested in. Find out the fee structure as well as the duration of the course. You may not always find the perfect massage school in your area, in which case you will have to have to look further away from home. If this is not an option for you, you may want to consider an online massage therapy school.

It is preferable to enroll in a massage therapy school that is accredited. Graduation from any one of the nationally accredited massage schools gives you instant acceptance as a massage therapist and increases your chances of landing a corporate job.

The principles and techniques of massage therapy

Training in the various massage techniques should involve lots of hands-on experiential learning along with the theoretical foundation. Top massage therapy schools, such as Body Mind College emphasize on learning the principles of massage therapy before the technique. Knowing the underlying principles of a massage technique and how it helps achieve the desired goal enables massage therapists to respond and adapt better to their client’s requirements. The emphasis of the curriculum is on training students in a way that they attain and embody as well as experience the principles they are learning. Along with learning emotional release methods, students at top massage therapy schools also experience many emotional releases so they are better able to connect, empathize and offer compassion to future clients.

Career options open to Massage Therapists

Different massage techniques appeal to different people and offer different benefits. Some of the career options for massage therapists include:

•Sports massage therapist: Sport massage therapists help professional as well as amateur athletes stay flexible, fit and achieve optimum levels of performance. They also help athletes heal effectively and quickly in case of any sports- related injury. As a sports massage therapist you could either work independently or join a professional sports team.

•Stress reduction and relaxation specialist: A good massage therapist can help even the most frazzled individual feel refreshed and reinvigorated after a stressful day. There is a huge demand for qualified massage therapists at health clubs, resorts, hotels and spas.

•Therapeutic masseur in a clinical environment: Clinical massage therapists help patients rehabilitate following any illness or injury. Alternative medicine practitioners increasingly recommend clinical massage therapists to help treat a variety of medical conditions in their patients and also to help reduce pain.