Marquees for Special Occasions

If you have been delegated the task of organizing a marquee for a wedding it is vital you plan everything down to the smallest detail. A wedding is a one-off occasion and the setting has to be carefully considered. Gazebo’s and marquees can be set up anyplace there is space, from your own back garden, a field or the grounds of a stately home, if you have the permission of course! You will realize that a marquee is an ideal solution for a wedding and can easily be changed into whatever style you desire.

There are two kinds of marquees, the traditional canvas pole marquee where a centre pole, side poles and guy ropes hold the canvas tight, and ground stakes are hammered into grass or turf. You can find two types of marquees out on the market; traditional canvas pole marquees where the canvas is under tension by using a centre pole, side poles and guy ropes, these are attached to ground stakes that have to be plunged into soft surfaces, such as grass or turf. These traditional poled marquees can sometimes appear more attractive but are in general found to be less practical and adaptable. They are however not as practical and compliant as the modern aluminum framed marquees. These types of marquees don’t need centre poles or guy ropes, they are easier to erect and they can also be placed up on any surface.

Lights can be fitted onto the aluminum frames of the marquee, if the event is taking place in the evening it can be lit up and a peaked roof gives an enhanced sense of height. You have the option to keep the sides of the marquee secured down or have them open; bringing the outside in and creating a unique and natural look for your wedding or special event. Many marquees are produced from polyester giving the material a soft quality but still durable and protecting against bad weather conditions.

Purchasing a marquee for your wedding event allows you a greater choice when designing your theme as you are working with a blank canvas. Décor, layout and design can effortlessly be planned down to the smallest detail with no need to work around fixed furnishings and décor. Marquees come in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes. When it comes down to colours, white, cream and ivory are naturally the most popular colours for weddings. If the surface of the venue is uneven, wooden flooring such as parquet can be hired and easily laid down to create a dance floor and a level surface.

Time and careful planning are the answer to a successful wedding. Try to find a level area which can supply a main power source, toilet amenities and water supply. This will help you keep costs down as you won’t have to provide them yourself. The larger the marquee the more time will be required to set it up. Normally, you will require one day setting up the structure and preparing the interior, a second day for the actual wedding and a third day to take it all away again.

Preparation and good management are essential for a successful wedding. Make a timetable so you can see at a glance what is being delivered, when and contact details of the person responsible. Such details should allow the day to run smoothly, detail is crucial and remember you will have to do it all again after the wedding in reverse order.

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A quality marquee company will be well-known and reputable. A family run business is ideal and the workers are more likely to be committed to customer satisfaction. Look online for a specialist company who can provide you with your every need and make a special day one to remember.