Marketing using unusual customer focused tools

How just a little creativity can make the ideas pop and the profits sing!

One of the biggest problems for most people is how to get customers in the door (or to place an order).

You can run sales. You can run lead generation ads (which I highly recommend you do anyhow – one of my ads pulls in 30-50 new fresh leads every 2 weeks) You can run ads

And, you can run very unusual contests that get your customers involved in a fun way. Let’s say you operate a Laundromat. You know that when you get a client, and they return 3 times for have clothes done, they will stick with you for years. So the key is to get lots of new clients, and to keep them coming back.

So you run a contest and advertising it in the local papers.

Ugly Clothing Wins You Free Dry-cleaning

Admit it. There have been times in the past where your favorite shirt, blouse, or dress wasn’t so popular among your friends and family. What seems beautiful to you – not so to others.

Bring in your ugliest piece of clothing (no matter how pretty YOU think it is) – and we will dry-clean 2 of your items for FREE!

Plus, your ugly clothing will be entered into the Beat it With And Ugly Stick contest, to be judged June 24, 2007.

If you win the contest – you will receive free dry-cleaning of one garment per week for an entire year!


Now, is this unusual? Yes! Don’t most people own a piece of clothing that would fit the bill? Yes. Would you get people in to take you up on this? And when they show up to enter the contest, would they be in a good mood?

Of course!

You will get a large number of new customers from this – only one of them wins the dry-cleaning for a year (at very little cost to you – especially compared to the revenues you will earn from all the others who start using your service).

How do you get a one time contest applicant to become a repeat buyer?

More enticements and more contests!

Promotions involving the customers information (bring in your photos, your kids report card, your report card, your scrap book, your funniest photo, your scariest photo, your best story, your best joke).

Mix them up – test which ones work best for your business and client demographics.

People love originality (mainly because there is so little of it in business today)… and they will reward you with their business.

Once you get them in – get their name, email, and mailing address – and USE IT! Mail them regular postcards and offers for your newest offers.

Offer a yearly platinum “Dirty Laundry” program – where they get XX number of items per month dry-cleaned for a monthly fee of $XX. Plus a few bonus goodies thrown in. Plus a monthly prize for monthly referrals. Plus – plus – plus.

Seriously, this does not have to be difficult and YES you can make it fit your business. Being creative and unusual is one of the fastest ways to generate buzz and pull in a bunch of new clients.

Success can be very easy when you try new things.