Marketing Strategies for Your Business – Email Campaigns

Now that you know your Vision, your Ideal Client, how to Build Authentic Relationships, create Strategic Referral Partnerships and Client Referral Strategies, you can effectively take advantage of Email Campaigns.

As you may recall, I mentioned in last month’s article there are several marketing strategies to fundamentally build a business. The strategies are simple but not always easy. However, if they’re coupled with vision, vigor and a little tenacity, both business and life can be enjoyed with ease – and results produced with velocity.

Remember as these strategies unfold in your reading each month, I never said it would be easy, however I am saying, it “can” be done with ease AND velocity with the right energy going in the right direction.

And you must keep in mind that one thing that often comes between you and your success is the “human condition”, your self imposed barriers, road blocks, and what you think you already know. Be aware of the barriers and road blocks as you read these.

Yes, I’m repeating this each month intentionally. Why? The two most prominent reasons are:

1. to shift how you think in a way that builds your muscles to understand the fundamentals of marketing

2. to address the human condition that could stop you from implementing the strategies and creating extreme success.

Keep in mind – Vision must be first…! Vision + Vigor + Tenacity = Velocity of Results! Another way to market your small business is through email campaigns. The important thing to remember is to use all of the strategies discussed in previous issues. As you implement ALL of the strategies, you begin to make an impression on the public and “brand” your company. They all work hand in hand, not necessarily or exclusively on their own. The power lies in the combination. So, avoid relying solely on one strategy. Use and implement them all to yield the greatest return.

Email campaigns can be used as a educational, reinforcement, branding and/or sales medium. The order in which you use these will be determined by your overall marketing strategy. I would recommend “strategic” planning to determine the order in which the different type of emails will be distributed. .

Educating your clients about your products and services is vital to the success in sales. Making customers aware why you and your product(s) is/are the best and/or why it’s unique is primary. Lack of education may be the only thing in the way of a customer purchase. You can educate through email campaigns.

Your email campaigns should simply tell a story about you and your product(s). Be sure to also include a competitive edge… your USP (unique selling proposition). Branding your image is another benefit of doing email campaigns.

Think of it this way, each time you send a message you are creating brand recognition. The key is keeping your communications interesting and inviting.

Email campaigns can prove to be very effective if you have a large enough contact list containing your “ideal client”. With the right list you will yield a greater return. , however, again you must have a large enough list of your ideal clients to yield the greatest return. Email campaigns can also be used to simply send a heartfelt message. (Preferably daily or once a week) Sending heart felt messages keeps you connected and builds your relationship with your customer which also results in increased revenue.

Critical points of this article:

* Be sure your campaign has a unique selling proposition (USP), a competitive edge. Including your vision is always recommended and adding a compelling offer should be paramount.

* Know your vision.

* Know your ideal client.

* Create a compelling offer.

* Create a unique selling proposition.

* Advertise with mediums that serve your ideal client.

* Create a collaborative effort and win/win for everyone.

* Remember, you also must “implement” the strategies channeling the right energy in the right direction to have them be most effective and reflect success in your business.

Remember, you don’t have to be in business alone or struggle to make it successful. You must “implement” the strategies channeling the right energy and the right direction.