Marketing Main Event 4 Honest Review: Is MME4 Really Brain-Dead Easy To Do And Massively Profitable?

The internet marketing world is raving about Marketing Main Event 4 (also known as MME4). But is it really as brain-dead simple, massively profitable, and hands-free as they claim it to be?

I’m going to answer that for you right now through this detailed and honest review, since I had the opportunity to go inside the Members Area of MME4 and saw everything that’s included.

First off, Marketing Main Event 4 is organized by Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson, two of the most successful membership site marketers in the world. Combined, they have amassed over 235,000 members and have earned $7.96 million dollars in sales.
There’s no doubt that these 2 guys know membership marketing like a college graduate knows the alphabet. They’re the top experts when it comes to earning massive money on autopilot with membership sites.

But MME4 is not a comprehensive course where they will teach you their step-by-step techniques and secrets on how to profit from membership sites. Realizing the learning curve and time involved in starting and operating a successful membership site, these 2 guys came up with something that even the laziest and dumbest person can make boatloads of money from.

They’re not teaching, but actually handing you 5 completely-done, fully-automated membership site systems on a silver platter; so you can skip past all the “learning and hard work” – and start earning in just a few minutes!

These 5 sites from MME4 are integral to, and cross-promote, each other. And by the way, these are million-dollar membership sites on in-demand and highly profitable niches, not the usual rehashed or ordinary membership sites you see floating around the net. So not only can you make money from them, but you’re getting topnotch content and education yourself.

Setting Up Your MME4 Membership Sites Is As Easy As Pie.

Once you’ve logged inside the MME4 Members Area, you simply select which of the 5 membership sites you want to promote. Then once you’ve chosen that site, just click on “Set Up Your Reseller Account;” you only need to fill out an online form which consists of 5 boxes asking for your name, contact email, and where to send your earnings to. That’s it!

No long online forms to fill up, no hassles, nothing that will get you stuck up. You’re ready to make money! Even if you’re a complete beginner, this very easy set-up procedure will have you churning out cash from your membership sites in no time.

Aside from this process, you could also set up other monetization streams such as putting up rotating banner ads inside the site and setting up the affiliate program for the Platinum Upgrade sales, but these are completely optional.
Nonetheless, these can add to your multiple income streams and will only take a few minutes to set up. Who doesn’t want to earn some extra autopilot income anyway? The great thing is that you only set this up once and you’ll continue profiting for a life-time. (Think hands-free.)

Your name will be posted on your membership sites, so you gain instant credibility and expert status, even if you got zero knowledge in online marketing. And since Jeremy and Simon’s team will provide all the customer support, you can maintain your guru reputation without getting involved in any technical or support issues. You just collect the cash, while others do all the hard work for you.

MME4 Promotional Tools

Marketing Main Event 4 provides a heap of highly effective promotional tools to help any marketer earn with the membership sites. They include:

1) Professionally-written sales copy for each membership site. Copywriters charge thousands of dollars for a single sales letter; but you don’t have to pay that much since MME4 provides the same quality sales materials in their package, along with…

2) An armada of promotional tools such as articles, graphics, blog posts, squeeze pages, thank you pages, “tweets,” endorsement messages, keywords, and everything you’ll ever need to attract a horde of targeted visitors to your membership sites.

3) Full autoresponder sequence for each membership level, so following up and email promotions are all done on autopilot. No extra effort on your part. These sequences are designed to persuade and encourage members to upgrade and buy other products.

MME4 Content

Members get exceptional reports, audios, videos, expert tips, and product recommendations. The “Recommended Products” section is another monetization source where you earn commissions from the affiliate products being promoted.

The Roadblocks That MME4 Has Removed

With Marketing Main Event 4, you don’t need to do any research about your market, and you don’t need to create any products and promotional tools ever.

The MME4 team handles all the technical and customer support, so even a non-techie can become a successful membership site owner. Jeremy and Simon will even host everything on their servers at no additional cost (saving you hundreds of dollars).

How To Make Money From MME4

You can offer silver memberships for free, or sell them for $27 a month. When a member signs up for a Silver Membership, he can see (not access) what is included in the upgraded Gold version; so he will be asked to upgrade when he tries to open the Gold content. When a member upgrades to Gold, you get to keep 100% of the commissions.

Many people dislike paying monthly fees, so this upgrade is a one-time payment only to entice them to sign up immediately.

Does MME4 Have Any Limitations?

With the way the sites are set up, you could earn a high 5-figure annual income on autopilot… even with less than 30 visitors per day! Just imagine if you get hundreds of visitors daily; that would multiply your earnings! But as easy as it may sound, you still need to get traffic.

Fortunately, Simon & Jeremy has provided a one-stop traffic solution through one of the 5 Membership Sites, “Traffic Generation Club.” It reveals how to get an explosion of traffic to your membership sites, so you can build a large database of targeted members. Plus, they’ll bring in “Mr. Traffic” and offer webinars on how to get lots of traffic to your sites

Now although you’ll be guided step-by-step on getting traffic, this is the one and only part where you actually need to take a little bit of action. But the traffic techniques are oversimplified and direct-to-the-point, so anyone can follow them without any difficulty.

Overall, MME4 is definitely worth a try. They’re even providing a 60-days, risk-free test drive so you can ask for a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied, for any reason or even for no reason at all. You either make money or you don’t pay anything. Now that’s sweet!