Marketing basics… that you may be ignoring

The following 6 strategies can each make a huge difference to your business. The question is – are you using any of them? All 6 are not needed to see an immediate impact… just one. Have a look through them and see which one you can test out for the next month – then do it.

A simple change can make a 10-40% improvement to your bottom line… times that by 6… you get the picture…

* Survey your prospects and clients asking them what it is that they want – this presells them when you bring that out and gets them involved in your company decisions. Ask them to vote on colors, packaging etc – getting them involved makes them feel compelled to order when they see you listened to their advice

* Make them an offer they cannot refuse – money back guarantee, double your money back guarantee (if they are not happy with your product you pay them for their time and hassle), free trial period, free shipping, highly valuable bonuses.

* Use risk reversal – as the business owner, you should be carrying the when prospects buy your products – not the client. Make it so there is absolutely no risk on their part if they decide to try your products out – pay in installments, credit, loans, delayed payment (have them make money before they have to pay you, cash the check after 30 days.

* Go for a walk around your business community. Target areas that sell to your ideal clients. For example – if your ideal client is a white-collar office worker – go the retail stores around downtown or wherever the majority of office workers are located. If your ideal client is an affluent woman – you want spas, pet groomers, high-end hairdressers, country clubs etc. Blue collar workers – approach in industrial businesses where they buy their supplies from, or the major gas stations where they fill up their semi trucks etc. Offer to pay a small fee to advertise your business in their window. All you want is a small 2′ x 2′ sign in one corner of their window – in exchange you pay them $xxx per month. Great deal on space that costs them significantly more to rent out on a monthly basis. Or – turn the tables – if you own retails space – find applicable entrepreneurs and offer them window space in exchange for $xxx per month

* Last minute specials are incredibly effective when you have an email list, fax list, or phone list with a team of people to call them. Contact all of your clients with a special for this day only – make it a very aggressive deal too – one that they will have to give serious thought to – not 10% off – not good enough.

* If you run a retail type environment or office space where clients are continually through the door – make your space the one they remember, and talk about. Have nice music playing. Offer them free pops, juices and coffee or tea. Offer them cookies, or crackers and cheese. Put candles throughout to provide a soothing environment. Or if you are an independent business and you go out to your clients – make sure your materials stand out. Make them brightly colored paper for your newsletters, or use a very high-end stock of paper. Include a scented giveaway in the envelopes. The key is to use your creativity to involve your customers senses – the longer you can keep them in your space, or keep them thinking about you, the more likely they are to buy – and buy more often as the experience is so enjoyable.