Marketing and Apple: Are they boring?

Marketing is tricky, especially when there’s much anticipation and different distribution channels. This was exactly the case when the specifics of the iPod were leaked before the actual unveiling, making the information at the event predictable and disappointing. However, this does not seem to make anybody talk less about Apple. They’re everywhere online; blogs, forums, articles, news and media. Apple has created a buzz and it works to their advantage. But, how are they able to keep doing this?

Although Apple’s stock dropped almost 3% after the introduction of the new iPod (Nano), they still remain as one of the highly successful companies in today’s market. In the last year alone, they sold 22 million iPods. Apple is the perfect example of how to think innovatively, and how to use customer focus, targeting & segmentation.
Not only does Apple produce superbly designed products but also there is quality to back up the appearance. The new Nano proved this, being available in various colors, having a wider screen with high-definition and a thinner look. They are leading innovations in the use of new materials and production processes. Computers, iTunes and the iPhone are the other innovations Apple has manufactured.

The company uses good customer focus techniques with their products. Steve Jobs makes it his priority to announce and to unveil the release of a new product. Just this simple gesture of having the CEO and not just a random spokesperson make these announcements, makes it clear that Apple is dedicated to attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones. Apple has made its name known to everyone. People associate the name with quality, thinness and vibrant colors; these qualities appeal to people who are technologically advance and those who want to be with the in-crowd. Apple had researched and saw what consumers really wanted and delivered excellently.

Apple is always ahead of the game against the competition when it comes to consumer electronics. It is their desire for innovation and quality that is really making the brand stand out. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is obviously very passionate about any and all new products; it is evident because every time there is a new product release, it is always Jobs presenting it to the world as opposed to some typical executive or any other person. It is known fact that Apple products are usually miles ahead of their competitors, whether it is portable music players such as the iPod, or their line of MacBooks and MacBook Pros; they are always power-packed with very futuristic technology. All of these things play into Apple’s marketing mix because this proves that the company is one of the few businesses that can tailor to any type of customer.

Although that may not seem realistic, it is. A plain example is their line of MacBooks; they found a way of appealing to a different market segment when they introduced their “Boot Camp Assistant” into their machines, which in essence allows a person to run any Windows program on their Mac, thus generating revenue from thousands of people who would not have purchased an Apple computer a few years back.

Apple’s success is largely due to their clever marketing tactics, they are well aware of who their most profitable customers are and they keep appealing to them in order to keep them buying more products. This is clearly seen in teenagers who keep purchasing the new versions of the iPod due to the fact that it “looks cooler” than the previous version, through this slight remodel in the product. Apple is able to generate huge profits, simply because they are appealing to the right crowd. Even though the company has not made drastic changes, people are still willing to dump money into, what they believe, is an astonishing product.

Apple has tested the market and crunched the numbers. They’re great at analyzing stats and optimizing their marketing strategy. They have also found a sweet spot for profits. Now, it’s time for them to be consistent with what they’re doing and make money. That’s exactly what they’re doing.