Marketing And Advertising Your Tanning Salon

In order to guarantee your success in the tanning business you must have solid marketing and advertising plans. This will also be a very big part of whether or not your business is able to obtain the funding required from investors if this is how you plan to fund your new business.

Our first recommendation is starting a website. Based on your budget, this doesn’t have to be anything fancy. The website should have your logo, mapped directions to your location, phone number, and any current promotions you are running. Be sure to list the state, county, and surrounding cities in text on your website as well as all services and products you offer. Submitting this website to search engines will be beneficial and in time may bring leads for your business. If you’re interested in perfecting this aspect of your business you should research search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Second, you will want your business listed in the yellow pages and any popular local classified ads. Make sure you purchase a larger ad than just a listing if your advertisement budget allows you too. Larger advertisements always attract more attention. Your ad should focus on why customers should immediately choose your salon over the other ones listed in the same area or perhaps even offer a coupon of substantial value. Remember, if someone feels comfortable tanning at your salon they will return.

Radio advertisement is also an excellent way to increase the popularity. Whether you are purchasing a commercial or actually have the radio station broadcast from your location you will be instantly reaching thousands of listeners. This is often much cheaper than television advertisement and truly reaches people in your community.

Making arrangements with local businesses is a great way to network. Small shops often place each other’s flyers or advertisements on each other’s sales counters to share their wealth of traffic. As long as you don’t sell the same service or products there can be no harm in advertising with each other. If your business neighbors are friendly speak with management and see if this can be arranged.

During a grand opening it is often cost effective to flyer local subdivisions to try to jumpstart the business. Aside from the cost of paper and ink, a little leg work can definitely generate some business and open people’s eyes to how convenient the distance to your location is.

Each of the methods detailed in this article should be locally priced and researched to make sure it is cost effective for your tanning salon and has an acceptable return on investment. Prior to your business opening, your business you should have many ideas in place.