Market With Every E-mail You Send

The best way to market yourself with every e-mail you send is to have your own e-mail address at your own domain name. It helps build your brand and reinforce the products and services you offer your clients. However, even if you don’t have your own domain name, there are some innovative ways to market with every e-mail using signature files.

Signature Files

Signature files are a quick and easy way to send a marketing message with every e-mail you send, even if you don’t have your own domain name. A signature file is set up within your e-mail package and is automatically attached to every outgoing message. Even if people know you well and call you often, they often go to a recent e-mail as the easiest, and fastest, way to access your phone number, street address, or even fax number.

The set-up window for signature files is usually in the Tools section of the window bar at the top of the screen when you’re in your e-mail software. By clicking on Signature in the Tools window will open a new window and allow you to create a new signature file or edit the signature files you’ve already made.

Your standard signature file can include your name, company name, phone number, e-mail address, and web site. You can also include your street address, and a short, 10-15 word, marketing message.

Your signature file will give your reader all of your contact information and be reminded of the kind of services or products you offer. Most e-mail programs let you have a large number of signature files. Set up several to help automate the little tasks you need to do regularly.

Use a signature file when you regularly need to send out the same information to multiple people at different times. Simply open your Signature Tools file, click on New and write the information you want to relay.

Entourage and Outlook both allow very large signature files. This means you can include detailed instructions for a meeting announcement and arrangements, explain how to use the product you’ve sold, or explain what people need to do to get on your mailing list. Be sure to include your contact information at the bottom of these “information files.”

Signature File Marketing Messages

Use the short marketing message of a signature file to encourage people to sign up for your ezine by offering a sign-up bonus. In later chapters we’ll discuss how to use your one-page web site to deliver bonus items, products, audio files, client services, and even marketing packages. Many Internet-savvy one-person business owners have found combining your offer with a sign-up bonus can significantly increase the size of your database.

I’ve found signature files to be very effective in marketing my monthly complimentary teleseminars. Others have used them to announce their latest book or other products, direct readers to their blogs, and by using their affiliate links, profit from marketing other people’s products or services.

Because signature files are forwarded with their messages, your marketing messages get forwarded when your recipients pass on the messages you send. This puts your message in front of people you would otherwise never reach, or even know.

Signature files are crucial for those professionals who haven’t yet installed their own domain names as part of their e-mail system. When your e-mail comes through Yahoo, and your address is some version of, you can clearly indicate who you are, how to contact you, and what you offer with a signature file.

The lesson is clear. Don’t send naked e-mail!