Market Like an Expert: The Benefits of Using Custom Designed Exhibit Booths

For most businesses, the major roadshows and exhibitions are their bread and butter. They depend on the shows and exhibitions to create new business opportunities for themselves. But, when you are involved in an exhibition or fair where there are hundreds or thousands of other companies which are selling products or services which are similar to yours, how are you going to stand out among the large crowd of booths to catch the attention of the customers? Or you might be thinking of using these fairs and exhibitions as starting points of your company’s long term advertising and promotion plan. That is why the right placement and combination of a perfect display and exhibition booth can help you achieve your target and goals. Experts in the field of marketing have stated that in order to stand out from the crowd, you will need to establish a visually stimulating brand image by implementing a creative approach for your display or exhibition booth.

In order to maximize the potential of the visual branding concept, you would need to spend some time to think, what is your main purpose of using a special custom designed booth and using the visual branding concept? To put it in simpler terms, the main purpose is to attract the attention of the audience or the potential clients. The whole booth would have to be special and stand out from the crowd if you want the whole marketing plan to work to perfection, and also increase the numbers in your potential client lists. Thus, you would need a creatively designed demonstration booth besides having a clear strategy on how to implement your exhibition promotions. With those factors in place, then the audience would think of your exhibition performance as a professionally done assignment and you will be able to advertise and market your company’s goods or services persuasively.

To achieve this, images can deliver large amounts of information in a short time more effectively compared to reading or hearing. This is possible as we perceive images all at once. Therefore outstanding images can make a very big impact on the viewers. As such you should not skimp on the graphics. They should be professionally done. Professional graphics which are well designed can project the image and memorable message your company wants to achieve. That is why visual branding realized through custom designed booths are a very effective tool as a long term marketing strategy. To utilize this concept, the custom designed booth will have to bear a consistent character or identity. This is to create recognition as well as to create a sense of dependability to build customersÂ’ trust and brand loyalty.

After all is decided, now is the time to discuss the factors which you need to decide upon for the custom made boot to fulfill all your marketing goals. The first thing you must think upon is the concept you will be using. The selected theme should be reflecting your company’s image. You should consider what kind of perception you are trying to bring or show to your potential or existing clients. What kind of lasting impression do you want the audience to have on your company? What do you want the audience to remember you with? These are the questions you want to ask yourself first before you try and create the visual exhibition booth that you want to show to the rest of the world. Besides that, you would need to have a proper theme. Your whole booth should be following this theme that you chose, even more so if you are joining a nationwide exhibition. Constantly changing and randomly choosing any theme would only make your audience confused, it will be hard to maintain their business with you. Choosing a constant theme would make your whole exhibition hard to forget in the mind of the audience.

Another important aspect is the graphics. Visual branding will not work if this aspect is not taken into proper consideration. First of all the graphics should be eye-catching, standing out among the competition. Next, they should be informative, promoting the benefits of your products and services. The information should be brief without going into the details or features. Too much information will cause customers and potential customers alike to lose interest fast. The graphics absolutely must look professional. Do not try to cut cost here. If you want to make an impact and lasting impression, you should not skimp on your graphics. It is an integral part of your visual branding efforts, to make your custom designed booths look like a million dollars.

Even though visuals and graphics are important, your company should not overdo it and create a negative impact instead. They should be pleasant and welcoming to the audience of your respective booth. Using creativity and implementing some movement on your booth would certainly catch their attention and arouse their curiosity. To do this make sure your booth is not too high or too low, and should be set at exactly eye-level. Remember, you want to catch the eyes of your audience, but not catch it and twist it around. For the convenience of the crowd, you should place your products and brochures at an angle where the crowd can see and reach for it easily. If you have done prior research and estimated the number of people who will be visiting your booth at one time, then you can ensure the size of your booth would be big enough to accomodate them.

The most important fact to remember during these exhibitions and fairs is that in order to leave the image that you are a professional at work, you cannot depend on your special booth alone. They might be good for attracting large crowds to your booth, but it is the employees that are going to entertain them and keep them interested in your products and services. In fact, your promoters and salespersons should take some time during the exhibitions to hang around with the large crowd and find out anything they can from the crowd. When you are doing this, you are showing sincerity to the audience and also gaining important customer and target market knowledge from the audience so that you can improve your products or services to make them better.