Marijuana: The Harmful impacts and the testing methods

Marijuana is one of the commonly used illegal drugs. Marijuana is made from the plant called Cannabis sativa. There is a chemical called “delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol” or “THC” in the drug. This THC is the chemical that makes the person using the drug to feel high. The consumption of marijuana is usually done through smoking.

Impacts of marijuana: Marijuana has a very negative impact on the human beings. It has its effect on the human beings both physically and mentally.

Effects on brain

· Marijuana is a very powerful drug that initially causes pleasure. Its consumption then affects the brain cells that control the thinking, emotions, mood and the memory. The drug even has its effects on the pituitary gland and thereby regulates hunger, thirst and the release of sexual hormones.

· The drug has its effect on the synapses i.e. the brain connections and there by cause the person to get addicted to the drug.

· Long term use of the drug can even cause the brain to stop producing the chemicals which will be responsible for making the person feel good and then the person gets chemically addicted to the drug.

The types of tests for marijuana: There are different types of tests for detecting consumption of marijuana in the human body. They are

· Hair testing: The detection of marijuana consumption can be done by testing the hair. At the roots of the hair, it shows the symptoms of marijuana consumption. The marijuana can be detected from through the hair test even after fifty to ninety days.

· Blood testing: The blood test is a costly test for detecting the marijuana consumption which could be a long procedure which may last for about four to six days.

· Saliva drug testing: This method is a short-term procedure that can detect the consumption of marijuana that has been used recently. Detection of marijuana can be detected in a person’s saliva 1 hour after ingestion, up to 14 hours.

· Urine drug testing: The detection of the marijuana consumption by testing the urine sample is one of the inexpensive ways of detecting the presence of marijuana in the human body. Marijuana can be detected even after five to six days of consumption through the urine test.