Manilva Hot Tubs

A Hot Tub in Spain is a fantastic way for you and your family to submerge in to those pleasant warm soothing waters and at the same time be able to create a whole new luxury life style

A hot tub is an investment in a new life style filled with peace relaxation and pleasant memories

Whether it is that magic respite that we all seek in a mind calming way at the end of a workday or may be spending quality time with your family friends and loved ones. The quality of your life will increase considerably improving your health and happiness from the very many therapeutic benefits from a massage of warm jetted water. You cannot beat the discovery for ones own self , to the very many benefits of Hot Tub ownership and the unique lifestyle that goes with them.

Just consider how you would feel with your whole body and soul immersed in warm bubbling water this would be you very own oasis. The buoyancy effect in a way helps to lift the weight of the world from your shoulders as the stress of the day drops away.

Not only does this greatlly help you physically but it also helps your mind to be at peace and find that respite it so richly deserves. Your blood vessels open gradually to increase the flow of rich oxygen and essential nutrients to those tired aching joints and muscles. You are totally relaxed and nothing can compare with te tranquility you will feel from being in your own cocoon.

A hot tub brings family and friends together and frantic day to day activities can be put on hold and quality family time can begin. No matter what the age of your children or your family you owe it to them to provide a secure and welcoming gathering place.

Undoubtedly your home is your favourite place to relax, unwind, entertain family and friends – a hot tub gives you many reasons for staying at home.

Whether it’s a special occasion just an evening with friends or just the two of you on a star filled night a hot tub will provide the ambiance for any occasion. So just stay at home and create a whole new life style.

It is a fact that more and more home owners are improving their gardens and terrace areas and using this increased living space to spend quality time at home.

Jets – It is nice to have a wide range of different jets in a hot Tub so that one may choose the position that suits you at the time. Sometimes you want more pressure in different areas of the body and only by having sufficient jets can this be achieved.

A water fall is very nice and it is of course extremely pleasant to hear running water but that said it does nothing for your massage or hydrotherapy. Indeed ithe truth of this hyperbole is ithat it just uses up your power so water features are in many ways just mere selling gimmicks. This is particularly true when they have two or three water features then as your electricity bill is going up your massage effect is going down indeed its much reduced as its power is being taken away from the main jets to run these features.

Heaters – I once heard it said that because a Spa has a smaller heater it must be a better one than one which has a bigger and thereby more expensive heater. Sometimes they claim better insulation but in reality a smaller heater is less efficient as it takes longer and longer to heat up. It is similar to a small engined car on the motorway it can get to 70mph but a bigger engine takes it all in its stride with plenty in reserve. It’s a fact that a bigger engined and well designed car can often be more economical at a high cruising speed that a smaller one. Just as a bigger heater heats up much more quickly and only needs to gently top up the heat ever so often. The only person who gains with a smaller heater is the manufacturer who makes more money as a smaller heater costs less.