Manifesting Madness – The Shocking Truth

Try not to take this the wrong way, but the sad truth of the matter is that it’s YOUR fault.

No one likes to be told that they did something wrong, but unless your life is “heaven on earth”, you stepped off track a time or two along the way, and you only have yourself to blame.

When you look around your life right now, the people and the circumstances that make up your existence are there because – directly or indirectly – YOU put them there.

As Esther Hicks says in the movie ‘The Secret’, we are all “magnificent creators” of our existence. The problem is that most of us don’t realize just how much power we actually have because the true methods that we use to create our existence cannot be seen or touched. However, that power is there, and it is creating your existence at this very moment, whether you understand it or not.

The power that we are talking about is the Law of Attraction, and we wield that power with the thoughts that we hold in our heads, and the feelings that result because of those thoughts.

The science behind the Law of Attraction reveals that when we experience emotion, we create a very specific vibration. This vibration has a certain frequency based on the type of emotion that is being experienced and it acts as a magnet, attracting similar vibrations. Hence the name: the Law of Attraction.

Here is the part where you come in as the Creator of your existence. All through your life you have been sending out these vibrations, and attracting similar vibrations back to you. If your life had always been filled with joy, love, confidence, and other similar emotions, then that is what your life would probably still be filled with.

On the other hand, all of us have had other experiences in life that weren’t that positive. Negative emotions such as sadness, fear, grief, frustration, shame, and anger are things that most of us have experienced, and most people have experienced them frequently throughout their lives.

So if positive vibrations attract positive circumstances, then by the letter of the Law, negative vibrations must also attract negative circumstances. This could be explained by the simple fact that you can’t have good without bad, black without white, up without down, etc.

Here is the best part, though. Every single moment in your life is a chance for you to start over again. It doesn’t matter how much negative energy you have created in the past due to the experiences that have been a part of your life up to this point.

You can make a conscious decision right now – at this very moment – to take control of these emotional vibrations and make the majority of them positive. It takes some work in the beginning because you will be used to having the same type of negative reactions to life that you have become accustomed to up to this point.

However, a simple decision to react in a positive way – to see the bright side – of any given situation will net you incredible results in the long run. You will instantly feel better just because you won’t have the negative reaction that you would normally have, but the real results go much further than that.

When you continually experience positive emotions over and over again, day in and day out, you will be creating more and more positive vibrations that will be attracting even more positive vibrations into your life.

This may come in the form of material goods, money, opportunities, relationships, or pretty much any other positive things that you would like to have in your life. It may also simply come as an increased level of happiness, confidence, or surety of purpose and direction.

There is no way to tell exactly what the Law of Attraction will deliver to you when you attract positive vibrations into your life, but no matter what form it takes, your reward will be a positive one.

You will enjoy these positive experiences, and you will also know one thing for a fact:

It will be YOUR fault!