“Mandura Review” – The Mandura Executives Behind The Scene

The Mandura Mantra- “To enrich the lives of individuals and families worldwide by serving eachother and supplying superior nutritional products and a rewarding financial opportunity.”

Mandura Started in 2008 by some pretty sharp guys and gals. The players had determined that by using the talent that the team brought to the table they could develop a company that would highly benefit the nutritional and financial well being of others.

four things:

1. Help People live healthier lives

2. Help People become wealthy.

3. Take people out of debt and into profit.

4. Helping those with little or no retirement accounts develop a realistic retirement.

Now, for the masters behind the business and their epigrammatic Auto-Biography’s

Casey Yarbrough – CEO

Casey has been in network marketing for the majority of his adult life. Right out of college, Casey was with Excel Communications. His main goal in having his own network marketing business was to bring his wife They desired to work for themselves. Within 5 years, Casey and his wife had built an organization of 10,000 reps with over 100,000 customers. Excel then sold for nearly $2 Billion and Casey was in search of something new. Casey then moved onto financial advertising for a lending corp. He went on to be their #1 producer.

Gary Martin – COO

Gary attended college at the University of California, SB. He started out in building and development then moving on to learning about Gary’s passion for nutrition and healthled him to Asia where he encountered Mandura’s main fruits, the Durian and Mangosteen. opportunity, he had found what he was looking for.

K.C Yarbrough – VP of Ops

As the wife of the CEO, K.C. has big shoes to fill. She went to University of West Florida, was involved in some ministerial and philanthropic organizations. She acts as the administrative head for the Mandura Company.

Daniel Montgomery – Director of Logistics

Daniel worked in management in the expansion and construction industry and then as an EMT. His roll is in customer service and ensuring that the product gets out to the people.

Aubree Holmes – Director of Marketing

Aubree graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelors of Arts in Advertising. She heads up the companies marketing efforts to make certain they are brand driven.

Stephen Spratley – Director of Multimedia

Stephen has won many awards over the years and is the man behind the web design and online systems that Mandura IBO’s use to build their businesses. He is their IT guy.
The Nitty Gritty on Mandura

These Five Leaders have entered into a favorably competative market. The Super Juice business is flooded in my opinion. You have Mandura, Xango, Monavie, Efusjon XS Energy and a slew of other ones on the market. I mean who needs another $40 bottle of Juice? Well, Mandura is not just any juice, it’s powerful.

How do I know? Cause I bought a bottle. The serving size says 2 TBS. I just put it in a shot glass and drink it.

My overall review of the company is it’s a significant opportunity if you know how to market. I wasnt impressed by the propaganda behind their single line of sponsorship system which makes it materialize that you have all of these people on your team. Of course, they have no where else to go. You could have 10,000 people underneath you, but if you dont qualify you dont make a dime so dont be fooled. Like any other business, treat it like one and it will pay you like one.

See You at the Top,

Josh Boxer