Managing Your Finances Puts You in the Drivers Seat of Your Life

I was engaged in a trial coaching call with a great woman recently and we were talking candidly about her vision. She had struggled with finances for quite some time and lost some of her passion and zeal for life, so she thought a session with me would impact that area.

After years of being in this type of work, it doesn’t take very long to discover one’s vision. If each of us is willing to “open our mind” to our heart’s desire, a vision will clearly emerge. To this woman’s surprise, the vision did quickly emerge. In fact, it had always been there. She had clarified that vision 20 years before but was not living out of it or making it happen. In fact, it’s on one of her many business cards and even her license plate!

Some of us struggle with clarity of our vision while others are very clear but wonder how to have it manifest itself into the world. One major barrier is finances, thus purpose or vision may never be pursued at ones fullest potential. This woman’s struggle was that very thing! I thought it befitting to share a book with her called “The Secrets of The Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. We spoke in depth about how she can manage her finances to assist in expanding her vision, rather than finances being the barrier.

Eker’s book is written with the intention to shift the mindset about money. It’s worth reading a number of times. Sometimes we simply need a few pieces of information to have life all come together. In this woman’s case, it was embracing and owning her vision and having some information about how to manage money effectively so that her vision could grow and expand.

T. Harv Eker speaks about and makes suggestions regarding percentages of income/revenue and how to put you in the driver’s seat of your life when it comes to finances. For example, only 50% of your income should be spent on necessities while 10% goes to investments, 10% short term savings, 10% education, 10% to give away and 10% for fun. I highly recommend the book. Read it again and again until the information becomes your mantra.

The woman I spoke of earlier is excited. In fact, she called the next day and left a message singing “I got passsssionnn, I got passion.” What a wonderful message to receive. It certainly lifted me to higher heights for the day!

I believe the power lives within you and you deserve to be in the driver’s seat of every aspect of your life…So dare to learn more. Knowledge is POWER.