Managing Our Emotional Energy

Here’s my simple take on what some people make, a complex issue; how we use or manage our Emotional Energy (EE). It’s a precious and powerful commodity and it needs to be invested wisely and thoughtfully.

Forgive my simplicity, I’m a bloke.
And as I am constantly reminded by the numerous females in my world, we men are such basic creatures.
I could say much about that kind of thinking but I read somewhere that less is more, so I’m going with… less.
I choose to revel in my simplicity.
And brevity.

In life, we get a bunch of stuff…
A bunch of days on the earth.
A bunch of heartbeats.
A bunch of opportunities.
A bunch of ability.
A bunch of potential.
A brain.
Some limbs.
A family.
A few friends.
A free will.
And a finite amount of emotional energy.

I say finite because there are times when it seems to run out.
I’ve seen it.
And when a person’s EE is no more… invariably their life (or quality of life), is no more.
They give up.
They move from living, to existing.

A modern Zombie; going through ‘the motions’ of life.
You’ve seen it; people who seem to have their ‘life-force’ drained out of them.
Maybe at times you are that ‘people’.
Er, person.

Simulated living… looks like living, but isn’t.

To a large extent, our life-reality (what we will do, be, have, create, experience) will be dependant on where and how we ‘invest’ our EE.

Because our emotions largely influence (if not, determine) our decisions and behaviours, which in turn determine what we practically experience… and what we do and don’t achieve each day.
Month, year, decade.

By the way, ‘where we live’ has nothing to do with geography and everything to do with how we invest our EE.
And some of us have been living in a bad place for a long time.
That’s right, we actually need to think about our EE; it’s probably our most mis-managed resource.

It worries me that many of us don’t use it wisely.

We don’t plan, we just react… wasting one of our most precious commodities.
We squander mountains of EE on things which are beyond our control (situations, circumstances, other people, genetics, history), while not really investing it in the stuff we can change… our attitudes, choices, reactions, communication style, habits, behaviours – which in turn affect all the practical stuff – our financial situation, relationships, career, physical health and our day to day human experience.

Instead of recognising it and using it as the great source of power and leverage it can be in our lives, we invest it in anger, jealousy, resentment, bitterness and hatred; the stuff that makes us psychologically, emotionally and physically sick.
The stuff that stops us from growing, learning and evolving.
And being happy.
Remember happy?
Those were the days.

And when I say that it makes us sick, I am not speaking metaphorically.
There is an absolute correlation between where and how we spend our emotional pennies… and our physical health.
Many (many, many, many) people have made themselves physically ill and, in my opinion, killed themselves by not managing their EE wisely.

That’s what I call a poor return on your investment.
Real poor.

Fortunately for you and I, every day is a new opportunity to invest in the positive and turn our back on the negative.
To become smart investors.
To find the good, even in a bad situation.
To ask the right questions.
To find the lesson.
To invest our EE in finding solutions, where we once regularly put ourselves into emotional bankruptcy by focusing on our problems.
To control the stuff we can and let go of the stuff we can’t.
It’s possible.
In fact, probable… when we make that decision.

Think this is all pure self-help hyperbole?

That’s your choice.
Your mistake.
This lesson can be a life-changing truth if you make it that.
Or it can be ‘just another thing’ you read.

You know that anger’s a choice right?
“But that’s how I’m wired.”
That’s what you choose.

And bitterness, jealousy, resentment?
Them too; bad investments.

Waddabout hatred?
Oh yeh, that’s gonna kill ya.
By Tuesday.
Walking around full of hate?
You may as well smoke three hundred cigarettes a day, you’ll achieve the same result.

Every day we are given the opportunity to have an amazing day despite what happens or doesn’t happen on that day.
When we really learn (as in live in this truth) that amazing days are not dependant on events, situations, circumstances, other people or luck but how and where we invest our emotional energy, then we’ll start to realise our potential, knock down some barriers and see some real (forever) change.