Managing A Relocation Sale

You may have to be move to a new town or state. When this happens, you have to decide what items will be brought along and what will be left behind. For items you decide to leave behind, why don’t you make some money by holding a relocation sale?

A relocation sale is like a garage sale. So you make the most of it, here are a few things you should do before you open.

It is best to organize all the items that you will be selling days before the sale. For those who have kids, let them decide what toys they want to get rid of and those they want to keep.

When you have collected all the items for the relocation sale, sort it out by putting these in different boxes or baskets and then put a signage so people will not have a hard time going through it. If some of these items are dirty, better clean it first so you are able to sell it at the best prices.

So people will know of your upcoming relocation, advertise by putting posting signs or even putting an ad in the local paper.

A few hours before the relocation sale, do a check one more time to be sure everything is ready. Lay the boxes and the bins on the lawn and if you need more space, try putting some of these on top and under a table. Another option is to lay some of the items inside the living room since you already have so much space when most of the stuff you are keeping have already been packed away.

Make sure each item is priced individually and have a price matrix around so if the price tag comes off, you have master list which you can review. If you have a lot of clothes, display this using a clothesline.

Some people who drop by will probably negotiate before buying some of your items. Since you don’t need them anymore, you can probably give it at their asking price but if you know that the item is in good condition and is worth more than what they are asking for, stick to your guns.

If some of the items you are selling are fragile, make sure that you have boxes, old newspaper and bags so this can be given properly to the buyer. Some people will even buy some of your stuff that don’t work anymore and if you think it is not worth any money, think again because they can probably make up some money once it is fixed so again, let them have it.

For electronic items like an old blender, hair dryer, iron or vacuum cleaner, make sure you have an electrical outlet nearby so they can check it before buying.

The best time to hold a relocation sale is on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you don’t have plans on Sunday, you can probably extend it one more day since most people also stay at home on weekends.

How much money you can make from the renovation sale is hard to predict. This depends how many items you are willing to sell and how you price it. If you are able to get rid of many of the items, you can consider it as a success. That way, you don’t have to worry about the items that you will leave behind when it is time to move out.