Management Conflicts Are A Valid Reason To Look For A New Job!

We have all had jerk bosses who caused us to swear that it was high time to quit our jobs or resign. Somehow though we make it through until that boss either was fired, left or even tragically died an alcohol related death.
However there are times when it best for you to pack up and leave. How can you spot these signs?

First of all two points must be stressed. One – this is not something to be taken lightly or flippantly. Secondly it cannot be stressed enough that it is always best to get another job before leaving.

A replacement job is important not only for maintaining your vital finances and standard of living that you are accustomed to. Believe it or not is a sad fact that that to your next employer you are significantly more valuable you are currently gainfully employed. Rather than not.

It stands to reason that if you are currently employed that somehow you must be a productive useful employee with skills and attributes, valuable to the organization – a good find that should be snapped up promptly without delay.

Thus the potential new employer reasons that more must be paid to you in pay or in benefits – which can not only be financial but also they can be in other intrinsic forms of rewards or payments – this if course to steal you away from your current employer ,

It could be more in the form of more pay, better benefits, a higher position (a promotion so to speak) or even such rewards as a corner office of better parking spot placement.

You will be in a much better, enhanced bargaining position for you new job if you are still gainfully employed during the job search.

What are the inherent signs to look for that is time to look for a new job?

1)That you know in your heart that you are not perfuming up to the best of your abilities

2)You start gravitating and making friends of coworkers that you previously could not stand

3)If you think about it you cannot picture you future with your current employer

4)When you think about it and consider the good and bad things about your job the cons win out

5)You keep trying to improve your current situation but it never really turns out

6)Your skills seem lagging – either behind the times or not up to par and your position offers no opportunities to improve or update them

7) You cannot get enough positive reinforcements to keep your spirits up

8)Your salary and remunerations are just not enough

9)You want to move somewhere else to live

10) Your company or work situation has changed radically since you were hired

11) You either hate your job, your boss or company that you work for so much that you consciously or unconsciously start to perform actions that are sabotage in nature.

Changes are always difficult. Fundamentally we are always creatures of habit and there is a comfort in the status quo even if we despise it.
If you find that the above questions above relate greatly to you then it is time to bite the bullet.

Start looking and as well start quietly putting feelers out. Remember the highest percentage of jobs is filled by word of mouth.