Manage Stress by Twelve golden habits

Above are twelve best and tested habits that one should develop for oneself to keep stress, depression and anxiety out of life. Please not that develop these habits and change oneself is not immediate process but ongoing process even one can develop some of these habits in life can make deference with life
• Develop a habit of prioritize things in order and work everything as per priorities. Do one thing at a time it will manage your stress
• Best habit one should develop to live stress free life is make every thing planed and it will decrease no of surprises in life. Surprises are one of major factor for stress less surprises are best factor to manage stress
• Live like a bird and wakeup early in the morning and sleep early at night and stay relieved from stress
• Limit our expectations from others because over expectation from others or life are major source of stress. This habit will reduce your stress at great level
• Try to live life as simple as possible and stay away from addiction like cigarettes, alcohol or drugs or at least control it. Keep in mind that these addictions are part of the problem not solutions.
• Develop a habit of meet new people and develop a new relationships and kick out every bit of shyness or fear of meeting people
• Try to help other who are in need if possible. This will help you to manage stress
• Develop a habit of daily 45 minutes of exercises and yoga. If not possible then at least walk for 45 minutes everyday. It is best habit and remedy for almost every stress related diseases. Breath as deep as possible.
• Try to be financially as secure as possible. In modern world financial insecurity is one of major or only cause of stress. Develop a habit of savings at least 20% of income and manage stress by feeling financially secure
• If you are victim of anxiety disorder or panic attacks then always keep in mind that Fear of anxiety is always bigger then fear itself. Always hope for best and ready for worst
• Kick out habit of compare someone or wealth of someone with yourself. In modern world this is one of the major source of stress
• Relieve your self from every bit of jealousy or grudge you feel for anyone. Try to make your line bigger instead of erase line of other. This habit will even destroy every bit stress from your life