Male Pattern Baldness – Men, learn how to treat it.

Male baldness is a not an uncommon occurrence. Many men accept their going bald even to shaving their heads. Other men make attempts at covering up their baldness. Many men also seek hair treatment to recover what they’ve lost or keep what they still have. It is important for you know that treatments are available.

Possible Causes

Male baldness can be hereditary. Other possible causes include stress, serious illness, or nervous habits such as rubbing your scalp too much or literally pulling your hair out. Stress can include both emotional and physical stress.

It has been found that more testosterone is present in men with male pattern baldness than is typical. Those men whose bodies do not produce testosterone do not have this baldness. Hormonal changes such as the levels of testosterone can affect men. Age does bring along some hair loss as well.

Some medicines such as those used to treat cancers are known to cause hair loss. In most cases once treatment is suspended there is re-growth of hair. Results take time often longer than 3 months.

For men with longer hair pulling it too tightly into a pony tail or brushing/combing it roughly can pull out hairs and cause breakage. Too frequent washing of your hair can cause hair to weaken and fall out. Excessive blow drying your hair can cause hair to become brittle and fall out.


Male baldness treatments can fall into a number of groups. They can be surgical, pharmaceutical, topical, and natural treatments including supplements. Hair pieces and wigs are another option though not technically a treatment. There are products that provide a way to “cover up” your balding areas temporarily.

Surgical procedures include hair transplants and hair cloning. In transplants healthy hair including follicles are removed and placed in balding areas. The hair is real, it’s your own, and it will grow. It is usually a permanent solution but can be very painful and expensive.

Hair cloning is removing a number of healthy hairs and follicles and reproducing them. This process allows for more hair to be placed back in the head. It is permanent, can be painful and expensive. This is a newer process.

Pharmaceuticals include oral medications. These medications are not without side effects. They may include sexual side effects including a lower libido. Once the drug is stopped hair will re-grow but it will take awhile.

Topical treatments include solutions that are applied to the scalp one or more times daily. These solutions could cause skin irritation to sensitive skin. Topical treatments can also include special shampoos that will benefit hair loss.

Natural hair loss products may contain a variety of ingredients including vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and other nutritive substances. Natural supplements come usually in tablet or capsule form. They may include vitamins such as B vitamins, minerals including zinc, and/or herbal extracts including Nettle Root and Pumpkin.

Natural treatments are safer due to far fewer side effects. Though made for male baldness (or female baldness) they may benefit your overall health. Before adding anything to your health regimen check with your physician to prevent any chance of them affecting the performance of prescriptions you may be taking for other health conditions.


Male baldness can be hereditary or can be caused by any one or more of the following: physical stress, emotional stress, illness, hormonal changes or too frequent washing and blow drying of the hair. Treatments can be pharmaceutical, surgical, topical or natural. Many people opt for natural treatment to avoid the possible side effects of other treatments. Consultation with your physician will help you to determine the most appropriate treatment for your needs.