Maldives Holiday Traveling on a Budget

The first impression when we speak about Maldives holiday is it is expensive. While this is quite true, you can still go to the Maldives and experience everything that the county has to offer even if you are on a budget.

Take the all-inclusive package
Since you pay one set price for just about everything, an all-inclusive package allows you to know well in advance the amount you should spend for the trip. This frees you from the hassles and worries of thinking about the cost of travel and portage, as well as the extra cost and hidden cost of the services you avail once there.

Usually included in an all-inclusive package are flights, land and sea transfers, hotel accommodation, meals, drinks, gym, spas, water sports and access to game room.

When looking for one, be sure to clarify with your travel agent what includes in the package.

Be your own travel agent
Getting a travel agent to arrange your trip will save you a lot of time and trouble. But getting a travel agent is not a must. You can do the travel arrangements your own. With a little time on phone calls and some reading, you can actually get even better itineraries without paying for these extra services. Arranging your own travel will allow you to pick cheaper hotel deals and customize your trip based on your budget.

Do thorough research
An extra time online will give you a wider selection of packages, deals and promos where you can select the best without sacrificing your needs. Try to browse to as much websites as you can. You will be surprised how giving a little of your time in research will make a difference. In other words, shop around.

Consider booking a cruise
Technically, if you go to a place, you just need a bed where you can sleep and you’ll be alright. In the Maldives, you really don’t need to book a room where you will just spend 8 hours of your time unconscious. So why not consider taking a cruise? It is much cheaper. Plus, you enjoy the Maldives on a different angle as the ship visits the islands.

Find a moderately priced hotel
It is nice to browse and look at luxury hotels that offer top-class amenities and services. It is much nicer to stay at any of these hotels. But the fact is that once you are in the Maldives, you will only spend a little of your time in your hotel room. So why dream of a luxury accommodation you cannot even enjoy? The best Maldives experiences are found outside of your hotel windows; and not in the hotel room.

Of course, spending an evening and waking in the morning at a very comfortable bed are an added bonus but these are the things you can live without and can be compensated with enjoying the sun and other outdoor activities. So instead of dreaming the best rooms and hotel accommodation look for a less fancy hotel. They are priced cheaper but still offer the same Maldives holiday experience.

Finally, call the Maldives Tourism Promotion Board at 960-332-3228. They can give you assistance and provide helpful information about what to expect as well as ideas on where to get better deals.