Maldives A Popular Tropical Holiday Destination Getaway

If you are looking for a scenic place to vacation, Maldives is an ideal pick. If you love the sun and beaches, plus an abundance of sea life and corals, you will definitely love this island. It is a place where travelers keep coming back due to its marvelous tourist destination with a promise of breathtaking and refreshing experience for any vacationer. Whether you are looking for a great electrifying water experience or longing to soak in the sun and sea water, you will never go wrong if you go for a Maldives holiday. If you are after the popular destinations in Maldives, you will never run out of agenda especially if you go to the following popular spots.

Beaches and Water Activities

Of course, when Maldives is mentioned, you instantly think about beaches. In fact, no Maldives holiday is complete if you don’t go to the beaches. After all, it is the pristine beaches why this vacation place went to top of most travelers’ list. But it is not only the breathtaking beauty of the beaches that people love. Water activities, such as snorkeling and scuba diving, make Maldives a perfect destination. You can also do your windsurfing, parasailing, and even fishing, either hand-reel or deep sea. If you are not a water sports enthusiast but love the sun and water nevertheless, go to this place and enjoy all the picture-perfect spots and the feeling of serenity.

Male, the Capital City

The Capital City is a tourist attraction in Maldives, being situated just near the airport. This is where you will find local handicraft shops and marvelous nation museum where you will find a great collection of various artifacts. This is also where the government seats, so making it the hub of trades, commerce, business, and other industries.

Art Gallery

If you love arts, you will probably never miss visiting Esjehi, the art gallery found just on eastern part of Sultan Park in Male. Aside from being a place where traditional and modern artworks are found, Esjehi is also seated in one of the grandest, oldest buildings of Male. It is relatively a small gallery; however, a visit here is worth it because of the decent assortment of arts. Plus, it holds workshops for the Maldives artists to convene. A trip to Esjehi is like knowing the people of Maldives because a great collection of the arts is done by local artists.


The Grand Friday is the popular and biggest mosque in Maldives. It went to top major tourist spots in Maldives because of architectural design, which was constructed by Ibrahim Iskandhar in 1656. Whether you are a very religious person or not, you should never miss the pride of Maldives. It has a 5000-seat capacity, with unique and magnificent coral engravings as well as the famous tombs of the national heroes.

Fish Market
This is the wet market crowded mostly by tourists and travelers. It is located on the accessible north area of the capital city’s waterfront. You will find a variety of local fresh fruits, tuna, fresh and dried fish, and vegetables. It is not only for having great varieties of fresh foods why the fish market is famous but how unique and clean it is, which the tourism government ensures for all the people to take enjoy.