Making Your Life a Miracle Zone

Albert Einstein said it best: “There are two ways to look at life: That nothing is a miracle, or that everything is.”

Yay Big Al, for saying it so simply and powerfully.

I’d like to tell you about making your life a Miracle Zone, and challenge you to do it, and do it with a purpose!

We think of miracles as only happening when life is in peril and someone heals from a potentially tragic disease. Or, when by some unbelievable set of circumstances, a totally unpredicted event occurs, like the crumbling of the Berlin Wall, for instance. Or even when someone you love and haven’t spoken to in years calls you the moment that you were thinking of them. In my book, these are all what I call miracles.

However—there are subtle and yet extremely powerful miracles happening all around us, every moment, and we just don’t see them! We miss them, and we miss the wonder, the joy, the absolute ecstasy that seeing these miracles would bring to us.

Why do we miss them? An astounding fact tells us: Our brains connect with over 4 billion bits of information in our environment every second—yet we can only process about 2, 000 of those bits.

That leaves us with two startling conclusions: One, that we are missing out on a lot of what’s happening all around us, all the time, that we just can’t see. Two, that what we end up experiencing, and moment by moment call “reality”, just ain’t so!

So what do we make of this, and what’s it have to do with making life a “Miracle Zone”?

There are two ways to look at life, Dr. Einstein told us. Is one or the other of these the actual “Truth”? The answer is no, they are both true. We can look at life as a mundane existence, moving steadily through our days until the final one, when we die.

Or, we can look at life as an adventure filled to the brim with miracles at every turn, and exuberantly engage life in the miraculous. The choice comes down to a simple question, one that I’ve been asking myself for 30 years once I realized how powerful this choice is: Which view of life will be more fun for you?

If we choose to see life as filled with miracles all around us, then we will experience it as filled with miracles. We’ll see them more, we’ll appreciate them more, we’ll have more fun finding them in our daily lives. Miracles will exist even more, the more we choose to see life as a miraculous experience.

Here’s a quick way to consider this, and an experiment for you to try: Think of some object or item in life — it can be anything. I’ll choose a big, red apple. Now, focus on that image, see it, feel it with your mind, imagine it in your life, make it be real in your inner experience. Finally, set an intention to see that object when it next shows up in your life, in your outer life, that is.

What you’ll find if you jump into this experiment is that within a short time, some manifestation of your inner image will show up. I suspect someone will hand me an apple, or I’ll see a picture of a big juicy Red Delicious, or something like that. Your image will show up for you, too.

That’s what I mean by attracting miracles into your life. It happens all the time in so many ways, but we just don’t acknowledge it happening.

Have you ever noticed how when you bought a new car, suddenly you saw similar cars zooming around you all day, when you don’t recall having seen any before?

You can call this coincidence, and maybe you’d be “right.” You could call miracles “coincidences” as well, and again, maybe you’d be “right.”

I really don’t care about being “right”, however. My question would be to you, as I’ve asked myself all these years, “Which way of viewing your life is more fun for you?”

I’ll choose the miraculous view, everyday and twice on Sundays!

And that’s how you make your life be a Miracle Zone!

(Hey, there’s my juicy red apple! Time for a snack!)

Copyright (c) 2006 Don McAvinchey