Making Sense of your Home Securty Camera System

Home security camera systems can be a good way to monitor your surroundings, however, the options available on a home security camera can be frustrating to sift through in order to find the best system for your needs. People have different reasons for wanting a home security camera in place. There are those that find a security system necessary in order to be a more participating entrepreneur, while others feel like they need the benefit of a home security camera. Whatever your reasons, all security systems can be costly, so make sure to sit down and assess your budget before investing in camera for personal or professional use.

The first kind of home security camera is known as a dome camera. Obviously, this camera comes in the shape of a dome and it fits conveniently on the ceiling of your home or business. You will find the dome cameras often times in casinos where they are used to monitor the tables. You will also find home security at its most fashionable with the dome lens. There are dome cameras that can be placed outside, however, you must use a special armor type in order to do this kind of mounting. Sony carries two different types of dome security cameras and they are a leader in the industry. You can choose from the Verifocal dome camera, which has the highest resolution (420 lines) and an adjustable lens. You can also purchase Sony’s Infrared Armor dome camera, which acts as a hidden camera and is the most durable of all of the dome cameras. Dome cameras are the most popular security cameras because they are impossible to detect which angle they are viewing unless you are at close range. They come in black or white and they all have adjustable lenses.

The second type of home security camera is the bullet camera. The lens is long and resembles a rifle, which is where the camera finds its name. Bullet cameras are easily visible and can be mounted to a wall or a ceiling. They use a 12V DC voltage, and the power cable should be included when the camera is purchased. Most of these cameras will film in color and then change their resolutions to black and white when the light levels are lower. The resolution during the day is much better with the bullet security systems, but if you have an alternate form of lighting, like a streetlight, people can sometimes be seen from up to 70 feet away. The most popular brand of bullet security cameras is the SPECO CVC-6805SX, which is color and has a fixed lens of 4mm.

No one can be on call twenty-four hours a day for security, and most people cannot afford to hire a home security service to monitor their home or business. However, if you purchase the third type of home security camera, the infrared lens camera, you will feel like you are watching daytime footage. The camera comes with small lights that surround the lens, but they are not included in the night vision cameras, which can confuse consumers. Most people find that the color outdoor camera, made by Digital Peripheral Solutions (model number QSVC422 CCD) is the most reliable camera for the price. Remember that because of the extra lighting, so you will find that home security with these cameras do not do well when they are placed outside because decorative glass windows can create a glare. These cameras are also small but they will not do well being hidden because they produce a lot of light for maximum-security visuals.

Sometimes people just want to feel they have a secure home no matter what. Installing a home security camera because it gives you piece of mind, or setting up a camera at work to keep an eye out when you can’t be there could cut down on stress and anxiety. There is nothing wrong with wanting to protect your home, your business, your investments, or the people that you feel a responsibility towards. Setting up a type of monitoring alarm system in order to make yourself feel better when you cannot be around is a hands-on way to run your life.