Making a Dog Toy

Homemade Dog Toys

One of the joys of owning a dog involves purchasing fun new toys to use when playing with your dog. However, the purchase of new toys can become quickly costly. Even if you are on a budget, you can still have fun playing with your dog. There are very simple homemade toys that will please your pooch just as much as expensive ones. After all, your dog does not know or care how much money you spend on it.

Here are some simple tips to help you save a few bucks but still treat your dog like your favorite playmate:

1. Buy a case of tennis balls. This traditional homemade toy for dogs often gets overlooked nowadays as more and more people are investing in expensive doggy toys and doggy balls. Dog toys manufacturers work tirelessly to reinvent the same old tennis ball time and time again. The truth is that there are few better treats than the classic tennis ball. You can purchase a case for just a few dollars from your local sporting goods retailer or discount store.

2. Wrestle with your dog and a rope. Dogs enjoy wrestling with their owners regardless of what the instrument is that facilitates the wrestling. It only costs a few dollars to purchase a small length of rope from your local hardware store. The thicker the rope, the better. Tie a large knot on both ends of the rope to keep it from fraying. The knot will also help you hang onto the rope. Your dog will then grab the center of the rope with his teeth. In order to ensure that your dog gains interest in the rope, you will want to rub something tasty, such as meat, on the rope.

3. Dogs love shoes, regardless of the cost. Shoes are soft and chewy, allowing your dog to grind his teeth into it without hurting his teeth, but also tug at it without feeling like it will break apart. Invest in an inexpensive pair of sneakers from your local discount store. These sneakers can be the most inexpensive sneakers you find – the cost truly does not matter. In order for your dog to become interested in the sneaker, you may also want to rub meat on it. The rest will grow from there.

Whether you purchase an expensive toy or simply use a homemade one, one thing is for sure: your dog will be happy to have you play with him. Get creative – and enjoy!