Making A Child-Friendly Sunroom

Creating A Child-Friendly Sunroom Is Possible
For many, the whole idea of creating a sunroom is to provide the family a great place to relax, kick back and enjoy some fun in a peaceful setting. But what about those little ones?

Well, get used to some fingerprints on the glass, but beyond that, there’s no reason why basic indoor childproofing measures can’t be used in a sunroom to make it a safe and happy environment for family members of all ages.

When designing a sunroom or having it done for you, consider your family and any future additions you might have. If toddlers are present or will be, a knee-wall might not be a bad idea. This simply gives the little ones a frame of reference for walking and also offers them something other than the glass to grab a hold of if they’re near the walls. The added protection for the glass might put your mind at ease as well.

Speaking of glass, when you choose it, if small kids are in the home, go with a glass that’s been made to crumble rather than shatter. This typically is a good idea no matter what, especially if large panes of glass will be in the sunroom from top to bottom.

Once the design is set and a contractor has been hired, keep little ones out of the way during construction. This is almost a given, but it bears repeating. All it takes is a few seconds and children and construction zones can become disasters in the making.

When the sunroom’s built, that’s the time to employ the indoor childproofing measures outdoors as well. If your sunroom will house a pool, be absolutely certain to have doors that lock leading into and out of the area. You do not want a small child to wander from the main home into the sunroom unattended. Alarms on the doors aren’t a bad idea either, just as an extra safety measure.

When it comes to decorating and furnishing the finished sunroom, go with items that have rounded edges, keep clutter to a minimum and make sure anything that might not be safe for little hands is kept out of reach. If barbecuing outdoors will also be in the sunroom’s future, make sure utensils and the such are out of reach when not in use.

A well-made sunroom for a family should serve every member of the family well. With a little common sense in the design and planning, there’s no reason why this can’t be achieved no matter the age of the family members.