Makeup for Modeling

Applying make up for photographs is different from applying make up for every day use or when you’re trying impress prospective agents. In the latter situations, you’ll want to wear a minimal amount so that your natural beauty will show. In this case, agents and clients want to see what they can do with you – not what has already been done. But when you’re taking photographs, you or your make up artist will apply more (sometimes much more) in order to achieve certain effects.

Everything Starts With A Good Foundation

Based on your skin-tone, your make artist will apply a base foundation that matches the primary color of your skin. For some people, the foundation will be heavily red-toned, yellow-toned, or even blue-toned in some cases. If your skin is widely varied in tint, your make-up artist may apply additional foundation of different shades (light, medium, and dark). This will help smooth and blend naturally occurring gradations.

Color Is the Artist’s Language

Just like hair benefits from a little highlight, skin does too. So your skin might justify the use of a light coat of a bright color in a few attractive areas. When applying blush, you or your make up artist will apply a color that’s close to your skin first – and then follow up with a lighter color as well. For your eyes, you might wear light colored eye shadow and then of course, mascara.

Lighting Completes the Message

Depending on the lighting, your make up may be strong (well defined) and contrasting – or subtle and well blended. Strong (well defined) and contrasting make up is usually required in bright light, where subtle and well blended is usually applied in soft light. We say “usually” because sometimes your make up is used for artistic purposes and may be applied completely different from what’s expected to convey a specific message.

Tricks Of the Trade

Your photographer has a few tricks of the trade to make you look even more beautiful than what you or your make up artist did. For example, he or she may ask you to lift your chin during a shoot because it minimizes dark circles around your eyes. You might also be asked to wear clothing of a specific color. Some colors will compliment or contrast with the colors of your make up and depending upon what your client is looking for, you may be asked to wear clothing that does just that.

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