Makeup and the Right Shade

Are you confident when applying makeup to your skin, or are you wondering if this is the right shade for your skin tone? Makeup is designed to enhance your beauty, and not wearing the right shade will do your looks more harm than good.

Knowing your undertone is key when choosing the right shade to match your skin tone. But how do you know what shade is right for you? Your foundation should be close to the natural color of your skin. Testing foundation on your hand is not the way to find the shade that best fits you. To accurately find the shade that matches your skin, try applying at least two shades closest to your natural skin tone on each side of your cheekbone and blend. Your foundation is like a second skin, and the right shade will be the one that closely resemble your skin color.

Let’s not forget our secret weapon to hide those tell tale signs of aging. Our Correctors and Ultimate Cover Concealers targets skin imperfections such as dark spots and under eye circles. Our Foundation Stick is a blendable concealer and gives complete coverage on problem areas in one easy stick. Whatever your choice, it should match your skin tone. Apply your concealer with our camouflage brush by patting gently over any imperfection until it disappears into the skin.

Your powder should not have a chalky look when applied over your foundation. You can either use loose or pressed powder to set your makeup. A light dusting with our Chisel Powder Brush will give you a lighter coverage than that of a pressed powder. Start by applying with long strokes over the T-Zone areas of your face to remove any excess shine. When coming to under the eye area, a pressed powder for more coverage will give you a flawless finish and will set your makeup all day.

To blush or not to blush that is the question. With the variety of blushes to choose from, there’s no reason not to wear them. Powder blushes are my favorite because they’re lightweight and easy to apply. You can opt for a smooth lightweight finish, or layer up for stronger color. Unless you’re going out on the town for the evening, it is recommended that you choose a color that will blend easily with your natural skin tone. An everyday customer favorite is Sandstone because it adds a kiss of color that matches any outfit. Another customer favorite is our bronzer blush in Trogan because it gives just the right amount of shimmer to the cheek and face to make you look like you paid a visit to the spa.

Want great lashes, try applying our Super Lash Mascara from the tip of your lashes to lengthen and thicken short lashes. And if your lashes are long but no one knows it, this will have your friends asking if you had lash extensions applied. Our waterproof mascara will stay put under any situation, and will not come off until you take it of. Both mascaras can be removed with our fact-acting, oil-free Eye Makeup Dissolving Fluid.

Eye Shadow
Your eye shadow is an extension of your face, so accessorize them with style. Eye shadow comes in powder formula that gives a soft touch of color, and loose formula like our loose mineral eye dust for a bolder accent. A neutral matte eye shadow such as our Desert Sun, Medium Pink or Tan is great for the beginning eye shadow wearer and can be worn over the entire eye area. Add a subtle frost to highlight your brow bone with eye shadow in Honey Glow. For added glamour, try loose mineral eye dust to accent the eyes for a more dramatic look.

Be bold . . . be strong with your lip color. Whether your choice is that of lipstick or lip gloss you can say it loud with color. Our Super Gloss is a non-sticky formula with Vitamins A and E to deliver an ultra-brilliant, transparent shine. Lip Lacquer delivers a dazzling, pure-patent finish for the ultimate shine. Lip Balm SPF 15 is a super-protective, super-radiant high-shine balm with sunscreen that never feels sticky or tacky. Lip Gel is a vitamin enriched non-sticky gel that delivers non-stop continuous shine. All glosses can be worn alone or over your favorite lipstick for that extra glow.

Lip Crème lipstick is non-drying and has extreme staying power to soften and protect lips. Lip Pearls lipstick has subtle frost and is packed with moisturizers for continuous coverage. Lip Velvet lipstick provides full-bodied color, and is enriched with anti-oxidants to deliver continuous moisture and protection for all day wear.