Make Your Website Sticky as Sticky Buns

What is this crazy talk about how to make your website sticky? You mean pour honey or something on my computer screen?

What a shocking, expensive and insane idea!

Actually, in Internet marketing terms when they talk about make your website sticky it is a term meaning: once you have gotten a visitor to your site, don’t just let them take a quick look and click off of it to never return again. You must find a way to get your visitor friend to have enough interest in your site to bookmark it and come back time after time.

It took a lot of hard work, building web pages, deciding whether to build a niche site, affiliate or Adsense site. Then getting the traffic there to begin with was no easy task at all. You sure don’t want a surfer you worked so hard to get there to look a few seconds and say to themselves “nah, nothing here. Think I will just move on to the next site”

Getting people to want to return to your site next week or even tomorrow has got to be key. An outstanding way of doing this is getting these people to be friends with each other, talking about whatever topic your webiste is about.

There are many ways to do this including running a chat room or maybe a bulletin board. A forum is also a great way. That way they will want to come back hopefully every day or even many times a day. Your host usually makes it easy to set up something like this with little time getting it live.

A few ideas to get surfers involved in your “community” is pointing out if they join:

* Show them all the benefits they will get.

* Get experts in your niche to appear.

* Have a private ezine for those who join to tell of future special events you have scheduled.

* Post a free offer that targets your audience every day, week or month.

* You (the owner of the site) should post some of your best knowledge of your niche regularly in the members only section.

That is just a handful of ideas to get you brainstorming to get things in gear.

Another great benefit of running these types of set ups on your site is: it will add new content all the time, the search engines just absolutely love that!

I hope these ideas have you fired up. Now it’s your turn to burn the midnight oil and get thinking your head “I will get my website to grab casual visitors, transform then into members and have them returning to my site every day!”

Your website will soon begin to take flight.

Also, a huge bonus is the search engines love you.

Pretty sweeeeeeet!