Make your sunroom a centerpiece

Turning A Sunroom Into A Home’s Centerpiece
A kitchen is often said to be the heart of any home, but for those with a sunroom the picture might be a little different. According to some sources, those who own sunrooms report they spend on average about four hours a day within their relaxing getaways.

Considering the versatility of sunrooms, no matter the design, that number isn’t all that surprising. For those who are new to having a sunroom, the concept of turning this new addition into a home’s centerpiece might seem a little daunting, but it’s not.

The first thing to decide is what the room’s purpose will be. Is it strictly for relaxing, soaking up the surroundings outdoors and maybe a little star gazing? Perhaps, the new room is meant to double as a family room, complete with climate controls for year-round use and an entertainment center to boot? Or maybe, it will be the new game room?

No matter the use, decorating a sunroom that’s meant for year-round enjoyment is a fairly easy undertaking. If climate controls are included, that means just about any furniture, fabric and color combination will go. Set it up according to personal tastes and the design will quickly fall into place.

Making a family room out of a sunroom can be a little tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. If the idea is to create a room where everyone, regardless of age, gathers, it’s going to be important to make a room that appeals to everyone. If children (even teens) are present and this is the goal, white furniture and carpets, for example, might put the younger family members out of the mix. Be sure to make the room warm, inviting and do include things the entire family will enjoy using – television, stereo and even a game table or computer. If the design is welcoming and the items a family wants are present, it will quickly become the gathering point.

For a solarium type dining room that offers an elegant flare, again any type of furnishings are perfect if the room is climate controlled. Go with something dazzling that plays well with the outdoorsy feel and the natural sun and moonlight and your guests will be raving. Something more laid back will make the room more inviting on a daily basis, but the ultimate design should depend on what you and your family need the room to become.

A sunroom designed for year-round use can quickly become a home’s showpiece or even the centerpiece of family living. It’s all in what a homeowner makes of it.