Make Your Own Homemade Baby Wipes

Bringing up a baby is an overwhelming process. You need to care for him, buy several things like food, clothing, bedding, medicines among other things to make his little world happy. Quite an expensive task! So what do you do? May be trying to save a bit. But how? You can save an amount of money by making things on your own, for example, baby wipes. The home made wipes not only save your bucks, they do provide comfort for your baby’s delicate skin.

Home made wipes are nothing different from the ones your buy from your local store- they are convenient and portable and moreover they prevent your baby from skin-irritation which is a thing often caused by purchased baby wipes. For making them, arrange for a roll of paper towels like Bounty or Viva. A robust container made of plastic with a lid along with Baby bath liquid, water are what you need more. Observe that you have started to save your money. The average price for baby wipes is $3-$5 and you are spending it to buy alcohol, chemicals, fragrance among other ingredients that constitute the baby wipes which only serves in drying baby skin. You are even paying for water. Contrarily the ingredients that you have listed for making wipes can easily make for two batches of baby wipes and only asks for 60% of every purchased pack. You can also opt for baby bath liquid and make the wipes all natural or organic.

Opt for a cylindrical container made of plastic that is a bit bigger than a quart container. Make sure that the container is enough tall to hold a roll of paper towels that is cut into half. The lid of the container should fit tightly. For cutting an ‘X’ slit in the centre of the lid take the service of a sharp blade. By a sharp knife cut the roll of paper in half. This cut will make the paper roll into two that will resemble rolls of toilet paper. Now put of the rolls in the container.

In a bowl, mix well two tablespoons of baby-bath liquid and two cups of water. In the container pour this mixture. This should be left for at least 5 minutes since the paper towels need to soak the mixture properly. After this interval pull smoothly the cardboard core from the paper roll. This should be done in such a way that the innermost piece of paper towel will follow up. Now pull the piece of paper towel through the ‘X’ slit in the container’s lid. Lastly you put the lid again on the container.

So you are now ready to utilize the wipe container. When you need a wipe pull the paper towel thorough the container lid. As this towel is perforated it will tear off smoothly and the next wipe will be ready for later.