Make Your Decisions Quickly

How quickly do you make decisions? How do you make them?
We have the opportunity to make hundreds of decisions every day. Decisiveness or lack of it impacts the success of every area of your life – your business, relationships, creativity, health and finances.
Leaders in life and successful business leaders make decisions quickly. Decisiveness is a key factor in success and leadership.
In most cases we know the right course immediately for any decision we are faced with. It is universal law that the right decision is present at the moment the opportunity for the decision arises. Thanks to an exquisite internal guidance system we simply know the right one if we are tuned in.
That moment of knowing is a window of enormous opportunity. It is filled with clarity, power, certainty, transformation… These things become ours for the deciding.
A decision ignites the forces of heaven to come to the fore on our behalf in carrying out the decision. It brings us into alignment with these forces, taps us into our inner resourcefulness and increases our confidence.
A real decision closes off all options besides itself. There are no loopholes, what ifs or back doors. It is a one-pointed focus. Here lies its power.
If you hesitate in that moment of knowing, a great opportunity is lost. Considerations rush in to fill the space. The internal debating committee rises up out of the dust and the mind noise begins. Ambivalence takes the reins and energy is depleted. Self doubt and uncertainty become ready companions.
There is a quote that speaks perfectly to this. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The house is your mind. If it is in opposition to itself, its strength and power is lost. It is at the mercy of circumstances rather than the master of them.
Important decisions that need or want to be made cannot be overlooked. They make their way into the nooks and crannies of your life. They will distract you from whatever you have placed in front of them.
What are important decisions you haven’t made that distract you on a regular basis? Imagine what you might accomplish in your life and work by being decisive. How life could be with the clear mind that comes from this way of being.
Will you make one of those decisions now? Which one?
Make it a habit to make decisions quickly.Step Into Your Greatness…Make decisions quickly!