Make Women HOT For You: 10 Powerful Ways!

Writing a long list of media reviews, on lovemaking and sexual techniques of the experts (including books, courses, seminars, etc), I have compiled quite a “healthy” list of methods for my own, personal use. Call it, one of my “job benefits”. (Note: You can visit my Blogger blog, Blowing Diet Expert Love, to read much more about how to REALLY please a woman/women. See the Author Biography below this article.)

To help you on your road to becoming a “god” in the bedroom, here are 10 ways for “beginners” (and even “intermediates”), to vastly improve their performance (as judged by HER). For women, sensuality starts long BEFORE the bedroom – so let us begin there…

#10: Start with her sense of Smell.

It is a scientific fact, that women have a much more sensitive sense of smell, than men. So insure that you smell goooood.

And if you are one of those men, who cannot stand to wear cologne – get over it. The right cologne can literally TRIPLE the number of women “interested” in you.

How do you find the right cologne? Simple. Ask Women!

Walk into any cologne store, and ask a Female salesperson to let you sniff a few samples. Pick two you (and she) think smell good on you, then squirt one on the inside of each wrist.

Now spend the next hour walking up to women you would like to meet and asking them which scent they think smells good on you.

Don’t laugh. Not only will you be shocked at how receptive they will be to helping you; this is also a pretty damn good “pickup” opener.

#9: Always be a Sight to behold!

Sight is not as powerful an influence for women, as it is for men. However, what a woman sees when she looks at you, can turn her OFF. Not looking your best, is a great way to convince her that you are not her “type”.

Get a female friend to help pick out your “cruising” wardrobe. Alternately, just pickup a few of the leading men’s fashion magazines. (No, not Playboy – more like GQ.) Don’t worry – you don’t have to spend a fortune. As long as you create a “style” for yourself, that women find fashionable.

Note: Avoid clothes that scream “Loser” to HER. Baseball caps worn backwards. Rings and Pins sticking out of your mouth, nose, ears, etc. And of course, the Worst: hip-hop “midget pants”. (Those low-hanging pants, that make you look four feet tall…)

Also, women notice DETAILS. That means you need great-looking shoes, and if you wear any jewelry at all, think “stylish” – not “garish”!

#8: Create a Taste sensation!

Women love to try new taste sensations. When you are out with her, be daring! Order something new for her. (Of course, you have tried it before, and you know it is great.)
If you find yourself desperate for ideas on this, stick with the two, “old reliables”: champagne & chocolate!

#7: The Sound of Sensuality.

Most men are surprised to learn that women can “hear” the voice of the “man of their dreams”, before they actually meet him. And for almost all women, that voice is the same. Deep. Slow. Sensual.

Practice lowering your speaking voice an octave or two. And speak s-l-o-w-e-r. Slow means “sexy” to women.

If you need a hint, watch some movies: Bond….. James… Bond…..

#6: Drive her WILD with your Touch.

If there is one complaint I heard from the many women I interviewed, it was that men move too fast, and touch too hard.

For women, a sensual touch is light, and slow. When you begin a “session” with her, start by touching her with the tips of your fingers. If you want to get her incredibly turned on, run your fingers “oh so gently” over her skin – everywhere. Avoid the “danger” areas (breast, butt, etc), but take a long, slow “tour” of her. She will LOVE it!

There are five, even MORE potent ways, to get her HOT for you, in the next article in this series (you can see the Author Biography below, for the blog site). The series continues on my blog: