Make Ugly Floors Beautiful

Change the look of your home by replacing the old or plain looking accessories that are in the most obvious place, your floor. You can start by replacing old air vents with new decorative floor registers, which is the most cost effective home decor item you can buy.

It is true that flooring is not easily replaced and can cost thousands of dollars. That is why adding decorations or eye candy to your floor is such a great idea. Adding color coordinated flooring accessories will accent a room and won’t get outdated for as long as the flooring stays in tact.

A perfect accessory to use that will add value and give an enchanting appeal to any room is decorative floor registers. They are called many things; floor registers, grates, air vents, grilles and so forth. No matter what you like to call them, floor registers are made to beautify and add to the appeal of any room.

Floor registers are available in hundreds of size and color combinations and can be matched to any type of flooring product and room scheme. The main consideration for proper selection is identifying the fixed items of the room where they are to be placed.

You should not try to get one style or finish and make it work for every room. Although some styles and finishes are very universal, the way to accent a room is to get a style and finish that matches the scheme of that room.

Another thing to consider is the type of flooring that is installed in each room. Rooms with carpeting will use a different floor register that a room that has wood floors such as typical dining room and kitchen areas. By choosing a decorative register to match that specific type of flooring, you will achieve the best overall look for the room.

One of the other great things about floor registers is the ability to custom match products like stained hardwood floors, by simply ordering an unfinished register and staining it for an exact match. This is the best solution and will ensure that the register matches perfectly.

Now for matching other items in the room like cabinets, shelving and wall paper. This is a simple process if you have flooring that is either a neutral color or has been matched to the other items in the room. All you have to do is pick a matching color register with a style that goes with the scheme of the room.

For rooms that have mixed-matched items, things can be a little more complicated. For the best results, decide which objects or items in the room will need to be replaced with a different color first. By doing this, you will be able to match your new floor registers to the objects in the room that will remain for the longest time. You want to have great looks, but without throwing money in the trash.

Make sure you take the scheme of the room into consideration as well. If the room has a Victorian look, get decorative floor registers that match that era. Installing a generic type of floor register should be avoided at all cost, especially since there’s so many styles, finishes and patterns to choose from.

Also remember to buy the matching ceiling and wall grilles to blend with the rooms new look. Don’t try to match a ceiling vent to your floor vent, you could cause more harm than good. An example of this would be if you have mahogany hardwood flooring and slick finished ceilings coated with white paint. A mahogany ceiling grille would look extremely out of place.

Best practice is to use your own judgment and do not get overboard with trying to accomplish a unique look. In most cases, a straight forward design with blended accessories will give the most practical look that you and the rest of your family can live with for years to come.