Make This Your Best Year Ever

So, is this the year you’re going to make things different? That’s what this article is about: how to make this year your best ever. Maybe you want more time with your family. A larger income. Maybe it’s losing a few pounds.

No matter what your situation, there are some very simple success principles that can assist you in reaching your goals in record time. Here are seven success princples that have assisted me in my life:

1. YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE YOU CHOSE TO BE. One of the biggest myths in our society is that “life happens to you”. The truth is that you are happening to your life. Your present situation is the result of the choices, habits, beliefs, decisions and actions you’ve taken to this point in your life. By realizing that you are the creator and designer of your own life, you are able to take responsibility for the decisions and actions you make. It’s the only way to fly!

2. BE CLEAR ON YOUR GOALS. Many people have a vague idea that they want “more money” or to be “healthier”. But one of the main reasons why most people don’t get what they want is that they’ve never really gotten specific about what it is they DO want. Take 20 minutes to dream about what your ideal life would look like. Add as much detail as you possibly can. By being very clear on your goals, you’ll be much better equipped to achieve them.

3. BELIEVE IT’S POSSIBLE. Here’s a fact: there isn’t a single philosophy on this planet that will allow someone to achieve something they don’t believe. If you are serious about making the next year your best ever, you will have to have a belief that what you want IS available to you and that you can achieve it.

4. PRACTICE A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. There is no shortage of people who will tell you that the world is in a downward spiral and nothing good happens. It’s important to understand that — while that may be their valid opinion — you’re actually listening to someone who’s justifying their own miserable existence. If you want to create accelerated change this year, choose to believe that you’re going to be different from the masses. And that you will expect good things to happen for you. As the great author Earl Nightingale once said, “I would describe my attitude as ‘cheerfully expectant'”. That’s a good attitude to have.

5. CREATE YOUR OWN ‘BOARD OF DIRECTORS’. I have my own board of directors. They help me make decisions. One of them is a former President of the United States. Three of them are multi-millionaires. One is a best-selling author. Still another is a guy who runs a restaurant. Now, the interesting thing is this: NONE of these people even know they’re on my Board of Directors!

Here’s what I mean: only take advice from people who are living the way you want to live. It does no good to ask your brother-in-law for financial advice if he’s no better off than you are. Or to ask weight-loss advice from a co-worker who’s 30 pounds overweight.

In the same way, surround yourself with people who ARE getting the results you want in your life. And, if you can’t meet them, read their books. Listen to their audios. Attend their seminars. You will find that you can get into an “upward spiral of success” by simply choosing to be around the people who have achieved the goals you want for yourself.

6. YOUR SUCCESS SHOULD NOT BE TRIUMPHANT. Too many people have adopted the idea that massive success requires one to overcome huge obstacles and to break through massive barriers. While that might be true for some other people, that doesn’t mean that has to be your experience. Adopt the belief that success can come easily for you. Most of the time, when we encounter resistance, it’s usually because we’re not doing something right. Or it could be that a long-held belief about having to ‘work hard’ is keeping our goals from being easy. The life that you want…also wants you. Consider this: it’s very possible for you to achieve your goals with WAY less effort than you might can imagine at this moment.

7. YOU DESERVE IT. One of the main obstacles that most of us have to overcome at some point is the question of whether or not we really “deserve” to be abundant. We’re very good at heaping guilt on ourselves for things that we’ve done or not done. And sometimes we let these feelings of guilt make us feel like we don’t deserve to live an abundant life.

Perish the thought. The truth is that it is your birthright to live an amazing life of freedom, abundance and prosperity. And the degree to which you can forgive yourself and accept that… can have abundance.

The new year is upon us. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. And if you’re going to achieve what you want in your life, the clock is already ticking.

Make the decision today to live a life of prosperity and abundance this year. You really DO deserve it!