Make This Christmas Extra Special

For some people Christmas can often be all about spending too much money, getting into debt and working to pay off large credit cards bills for the rest of the year. We all love to buy presents for our families and friends but when kids are bombarded with adverts promoting high-tech toys and expensive electronics making you feel it’s necessary to spend too much money in Toys R Us to keep them happy, then it’s time to stop and think about what you are doing.

Christmas doesn’t have to be like this, it’s meant to be a time for the family to be together and enjoy each other’s company with lots of fun involved. Why not minimize the expensive presents this year and instead concentrate on making the festive period the traditional holiday it should be? Work out a reasonable budget that won’t have you going into debt but will cover for the treats we all deserve at this time of year. Christmas is only as commercialised as you allow it to be, and it can be fun however big or small your budget.

What’s more likely to make this Christmas extra special for your family is if you’re not stressed out about getting everyone an expensive present and worrying about how you’ll pay the bill. Holidays are to give people time to be together and do things you generally never get the chance to do, such as talking, playing with your kids, and family activities you enjoy. Everyone will appreciate the time you spend with them much more than what presents they get, and time requires no money whatsoever.

Although there are lots of attractive artificial trees available these days they just don’t have the same effect as a real tree, like the Fraser fir Christmas tree with its pyramid shape and flat, shiny deep green needles, a narrow tree it’s ideal for houses where space is limited. The scent of the fresh pine as you walk through the door and the visual feast to the eyes once it’s decorated with twinkly lights and sparkly baubles has no comparison and the whole family can decorate it together which is fun and creative, a tradition in many homes.

The Norway spruce Christmas tree is most people’s idea of a traditional tree as it has a distinct scent, and the feel and shape of it will bring memories flooding back of childhood festivities. It’s ideal for decorating as branches are broad and the colour’s vivid. Best chosen for outdoor situations, place it in the garden for the neighbours to admire and a welcoming sight for relatives visiting over the festive period.

Plan some fun activities as a surprise for the kids as this is a great way for families to bond. These don’t have to be expensive trips out but can be simple things like taking a walk in the countryside, baking cookies or making home-made decorations for xmas trees. Or get them to help you make a countdown calendar following the theme of an advent calendar but a home-made version. This is always a nice way to introduce younger kids to Christmas and share the excitement over the upcoming celebration. And then kids always love a party, arrange one in the holidays just after school has broken up and let them invite a few friends over.

Basically, how much you spend on enjoying the holiday is all down to how imaginative you are. Choose to embrace shopping, the cold weather and long queues, the crowds fighting over expensive gifts, and the impending bills, or dive into the other side of this festive time with real Christmas trees, family time together, fun, and the spirit of goodwill. Whichever you opt for the kids are sure to enjoy it and will remember their holidays with fondness when they themselves have children.