Make Sure You Have Enough Linen for the Holidays

The holiday season is on the horizon and so is a month of festive cheer, celebration and excitement. Pubs will be full, hotels bursting and restaurants packed out. For owners of any of these businesses, preparation is central.


Restaurant or hotel owners will of course need to ensure that all is spick and span for your customers and guests. This may often mean investing in new table linen and bed linen.

With each new sitting at a restaurant, or for each new guest at a hotel, new linen is required. The purchasing of new table and bed linen is something of a necessity for many businesses at Christmas and it is more important than ever to think ahead and plan enough stock to get you through the Christmas period.

Caution is Necessary:

Saying that, linen is not cheap and the Christmas period, like other celebratory periods, last for only a short period of time – so beware of purchasing too much of the stuff. You don’t want your cupboards and storage areas filled with hundreds of linens that you don’t intend to use other than over a few weeks of the year.

Hotels, if possible, should think about the turnover of guests that they are anticipating over the holiday period. Plan your linen stock purchases based on this, with a little contingency for unexpected damage. This should help avoid acquiring surplus stock, whilst giving you a little extra just in case.


The best way to buy linen is to do the maths and make the calculations. You then at least have some idea of the linen needed to see out such busy periods. Overbuying is something that drives up costs and reduces profits and also requires a lot of storage.

Of course, linen is also very important to give your customers or guests the right impression when they step into the hotel or restaurant, so you should always decide on the best linen you can afford. Also consider the materials and the colours, as well as how easy they are to wash and how quickly you can turn them around. These are all important factors to consider when choosing linen for busy environments or times of year.

Good linen is one of the essential parts of a restaurant or hotel and avoiding the scenario of having too little and struggling is one problem. Conversely, having too much is also an issue and one that can cause all sorts of problems too. Getting it right can take a little effort, but do the calculations; it’ll be worth your while. Why not ask your hotel linen supplier for advice – they’ll surely be happy to help.