Make Strengths Learned In Other Sports Benefit Your Golf

Many people who have played other sports at a high level end up playing golf as well. Golf is an attractive sport to many people and it is interesting to observe how sports people incorporate aspects of their primary sport into their game of golf.

I have watched cricketers putt in a manner that looks very much like they are holding a cricket bat. Although not a technique that one expects to see on the putting green, it is extremely effective to one who has spent thousands of hours at one with a cricket bat.

When you watch a tennis player adapting to the game of golf you will observe the rhythm, power and follow through in their swing. The same can be said of a baseball player.

Yesterday I played with a 7-handicap golfer who’s game was pretty magical to watch. He looked so natural. When asked if he had learned golf as a young lad, he replied that he had only begun playing in the last 10 years. But he added that his background was in professional squash.

There are many strengths that can be transferred from one sport to another. You can see from the sports I have mentioned so far that hand-eye co-ordination is very important in playing good golf. This is just one strength that is useful to golf. Knowledge of different spins that can be created by impacting the club upon the ball in different ways is also a great benefit to a golfer.

A dancer will bring great rhythm, body posture, strength and control to the game of golf. Any athlete will bring many strengths to benefit their golf. When you ask them what is the most important or most useful strength they will usually home in on one in particular – mental tenacity and focus.

Successful golfers fully appreciate that golf is a game that relies upon confidence. Golf requires focus and determination. An expectation of success ensures that you raise your game to meet with that expectation.

Although there are many physical and mechanical attributes that will benefit your golf game the one which really sets the winners apart from the mediocre players is the ability to employ your mind properly to the task at hand. Using your golf mind effectively is what will drop a load of shots off your handicap and get you winning your tournaments.

Roseanna Leaton, avid golfer and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.

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