Make Scrapbooking All Worth it with Inkjet Printer Paper

Scrapbooking is one of the famous hobbies of both males and females, young and old alike. With this, there is no doubt that an inkjet printer and specialty paper are vital as you print photos and captions for your craft.

Popular Printers over Time

This type of printer is moreover becoming more and more popular both for the home and for the workplace. As compared with the laser printer which utilizes a high degree of heat to be able to combine the powdered ink with a material such as the paper, the inkjet printer uses a spray-like pattern to fuse the liquid ink. It doesn’t have a primary need for heat to be able to print on several types of materials ranging from the delicate paper to any sort of metallic stuff. The basic requirement for its printing surface is the high degree of absorbency which is sturdy enough to hold the inked text or image without the risk of spreading, blotting, or smudging.

The Design of the Paper

The paper that is principally designed for this printer comes in an array of varieties. They differ in brightness, weight, opacity, and texture. The typical printer paper weighs from about 21 up to 27 pounds which is mostly apt for text printing. A different paper is required for photo printing since it will be using more ink. The photo paper then has to be thicker and totally opaque so as not to buckle and be able to better hold the ink.

Your Choice of Paper for the Scrapbook
Of course you may make use of the typical office paper as you create your masterpiece. However, you might want to add some life and color to it. You have a wide range of options so better make use of the available specialty papers for your printer. Take a close look at them below.

Photo papers. They are usually thicker and heavier with a higher level of opacity. Images are clearer, sharper, and brighter when the glossy paper finish is used. This type has a better drying quality that obstructs ink smearing. Other types include the semi-gloss and matte finish.

Textured papers. Canvas and linen weave papers are some of those that have a revamped texture finish which gives the images some more distinct look.

Fabric sheet. This is usually lightweight that is made out of silk, satin, linen, or cloth. White comes as the best option since it paves way to the distinct appearance of the other colors in the image.

Fusible fabric sheet. This is backed up with what is known as the heat activated adhesive material. With this, you may print the image, have it trimmed, and then ironed into any fabric, apparel, scrapbook, or any other flat fa?ade to produce an impressive effect.

Translucent vellums. Vellum is a kind of transparent paper which looks like the skin parchment of an animal. It produces a certain light and layering effect.

Metallic paper. They range from copper, silver, and gold and look really good when fed on the printer.

Magnetic Paper. You may come up with calendars, ref magnets, advertising cards, and any other magnetic stuff.

Waterproof outdoor papers. They are vinyl-coated sheets and are water-resistant therefore the output can be totally durable.

There you go with a number of options for your scrapbooking needs. These inkjet printer paper materials are sure to give you nothing but a commendable product.