Make a Call Through VoIP

Today, the Internet has made the world come closer and telecommunication over IP network has made conversations unlimited. Well, now with VoIP services user can enjoy calling to near and dear ones at minimal rates across the globe. Voice over Internet Telephony caters the need of international market by offering low call tariff rate for long distance and international calling. With its cost efficiency, reliability, functionality, security and vision of scalability feature, voice over IP network stands ahead of traditional Pubic Service Telephone Network or PSTN.

IP telephony is considered as the right choice for ‘NEXT GENERATION’ people for sharing or transferring voice, video and data communication.

Like PSTN, a user can easily make calls through VoIP. In addition to equipments used in PSTN, voice over IP requires additional piece of Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) to its computer. Well, the initial cost of setting Internet telephony infrastructure on PC is minimal as ATA is a hardware equipment that is generally supplied by VoIP service provider. Thus, once user phone is installed with VoIP software and ATA, he/she can make phone calls as a normal calling and enjoy call without any barrier. With the help of ATA, analog voice is converted into small packets of digital data and sent over your Broadband Internet connection to IP service provider. This digital data is perfect for the Internet and helps to lower down the cost.

So, selection of best VoIP service provider is must, thereby user must look for services like:

1. Storing incoming calls to voice mail.

2. Send a voice mail to you as an e-mail attachment

3. 3-way calling, Id caller, Call forwarding

4. Minimal charges

5. Opt for high bandwidth provider

Lastly, stepping in the world of IP network has made all circuit-switched equipment vendors and service providers to opt for VoIP services.