Maintaining a Cockatiels Health

Keeping a Cockatiel Healthy

We all want our cockatiels to enjoy happy and healthy lives. It will take some knowledge and a willingness to devote time to achieve this. There are several areas that will help to give them that great life and allow them to live to their fullest potential.

Picking a bird that comes from a healthy line of breeders is a great place to start. If the parents of your cockatiels lived long healthy lives, then it is a great indicator that with a right nutrition and environment your cockatiel will have great health as well. Some cockatiels are more vulnerable to disease and illness for unknown reasons. In fact, sometimes a weakened immune system or weak heart are inherited by their young. In instances such as these, keeping your cockatiel healthy could be rather difficult and problems will begin to show at an early age.

However, most cockatiels come from good healthy parents and will be able to live for many years to come. Giving your cockatiel a balanced diet of pellets and fresh vegetables will ensure they are receiving the required minerals and vitamins needed to live well. Buying a generic bag of seed for your cockatiel can be disastrous for its health. Since seed has such high amounts of fat and lack Vitamin A, your cockatiel may develop kidney and liver disorders. Most disorders or illnesses can be prevented with good nutrition, so giving them quality food will extend their lives.

Giving a cockatiel the necessary space is also important. Cockatiels need to have space for climbing, walking and flapping their wings in the cage. Only buy a cage that is made from non-toxic metals because your bird could get metal poisoning from cheap imitation cages. Place several small toys in the cage to exercise its brain and beak. This will also keep your cockatiel from becoming bored.

Every few weeks, you will need to get your cockatiel’s wings clipped. It is best to have their wings clipped, so they do not accidentally fly away out of a window or door. However, even though a cockatiel’s wings are clipped they will be able to fly in short distances. Never take your bird outside without being placed in a harness or small carrier.

If you follow these suggestions then your cockatiel will be the healthiest possible. Check to see if an avian vet is located in your local area just in the case for emergency.