Main Usages Of Beer Mats

A beer mat is a coaster used in public houses to rest glasses of beer upon (Other beverages are also used). Beer mats are used to protect the surface that they are placed on; however this is not their only use. A Beer mat is usually made of paper helping absorb spillages; this is not their main use though:

Main use of Beer mats

The main reason for a beer mat is not surface protection but advertising. Marketing is the driving force of every business and beer mat can be used impressively on marketing. Both sides of the beer mat can be printed with the various designs at no further cost. So beer mat can be used to create an extraordinary marketing strategy, build marketing campaigns, and increase consumer awareness that will be beneficial for sales in later time.

Beer mats have used as part of an alcohol advertising campaign for a long time. Now the uses of printed promotional beer mats are not confined into advertising only. They are rapidly used for delivering public messages, local businesses, events, text competitions and even charity fund raising.

Beer mats are usually customised with a brands image, typically a brand of beer although they can be used to promote different items/business such as:

  • Businesses
  • Special Events
  • Sports Franchises
  • Drinking Establishments

They have also been used for political reasons to portray messages and advertise political parties such as the UKIP Beermats.

Beermats have the appearance of a disposable product however they are reusable and very durable. Their covers are soft and machine washable.


Beer mats can be an incredibly collectable item; the Latin term for this is ‘Tagestology’.

The Definition of Tagestology is the collection of Beer mats or Coasters, Practitioners of this are known as ‘Tagestologists’. This hobby is particularly popular in Germany, since 1958 they have had a collectorÂ’s association called IBV. The Beer mat in Germany is known as Bierdeckel.

Shortly after the IBV was formed in 1958 the British followed suit in 1960 forming the ‘British Beer mat Collectors Society’. It has members spread out around the world totalling up to 300 members, they publish a monthly news letter and organise regular meetings for all members, the IBV do the same.

There are other clubs associated with Tagestology, these include The South Australian Caster Collectors Club, two Australian clubs and New South Wales Collectors Club.