Magnetism and Attraction – Law of Attraction

“The predominant thought or the mental attitude is the magnet, and the law is that like attracts like, consequently, the mental attitude will invariably attract, such conditions as correspond to its nature.” ~ Charles Hannel.

Thoughts are powerful and transform themselves into things. How does this miracle happen? Thoughts are transmitted into the universe, where all things are already present. By thinking and transmitting the like frequency, we attract like things to us.

Dr. Joe Vitale has wonderfully explained this phenomenon in terms of a television broadcast. We know that the programs are beamed to us from a transmission tower and we are able to see these on our television by tuning in to the required frequency. The important words here are ‘tuning in’ and ‘frequency.’ Do we really understand how it all happens? No. But still we are able to watch the program we want. We don’t have to understand the science of it. In fact, one should simply believe. We are all transmission towers transmitting at different frequencies. Some of us transmit powerful positive signals which reach out to the universe and bring forth beautiful and fruitful results. On the other hand, there are those who transmit sad and negative thoughts. What do you think they get in return?

Think back and analyze your thoughts in the past few weeks. Are you thinking the thoughts you want to realize? Or are you attracting the wrong things by thinking the wrong thoughts. Remember that thoughts are the seed of reality. Reinforce this idea in your mind that thoughts are things. Repeat it over and over in your mind.

Let me go back to the example of the television. What do you do if you don’t like a program? Change the channel. At least that’s what I do. It is the same with your life. Don’t get stuck in a channel you don’t wish to live in. Simply flick to a different channel. It is not difficult. It doesn’t cost any money. It is effortless. Change your thoughts and mentally visualize the channel which you like to live. You will start living your good thoughts.

Your thoughts become things. Transmit frequencies which you want to live and you will start living those things.

The law of attraction is immutable. It doesn’t change. It is like gravity. Have you ever seen human beings fly? Why not? Because gravity is ever present. It doesn’t happen that gravity gets switched off for some time. It is omnipresent, everywhere. The same is true for the law of attraction. If you think good thoughts they go out into the universe and transform themselves into things and bounce back as reality.

It is important that we believe in the law of attraction and summon good thoughts. When you want to go to the office, what do you do? You take the first step towards realizing the goal of reaching the office. Why should your future be any different? You have to grasp your future with both hands and think your way towards the goal. That’s the beginning and let me assure you, also the end. You have to bring your thoughts into focus. You have to start living your thoughts.

Awareness is a powerful thought. It is not important that we understand every aspect of the law. It is also not important to know how it works. You have to be aware of the power of law of attraction. This awareness will unleash powerful forces in the universe, totally unknown to you. These forces will combine to create a reality which will be in the mold of your thoughts. Belief, faith and awareness will propel you to wealth, happiness and prosperity.

There is no limit to your thoughts. You can and should imagine the highest, best and the unimaginable. All this will be delivered to you and more. All the scriptures and the greatest philosophers have said the same thing, over and over again. Reality is the result of the mind. If you think there is no reality but a reflection of your mind, you are right. We are creators of our own destiny. It is we who are cowards and shy away from our true feelings and desires. We are afraid to pluck the flowers which are present in the garden of our life.

Be aware of your tremendous potential. Even mountains can be moved with a thought.