Magnetic Sponsoring Review, My Personal Experience With Mike Dillard’s Training

Seven years ago, I bought my first distributor kit in the networking industry. I still remember it like yesterday. I was broke, 21 years old, had no professional connections, I didn’t have a job, and I had just moved to a new town and dropped out of college. Thinking back, it’s a wonder I survived…After the fifth day in a row of eating ramen noodles, stale cookies, and sweating all night because I couldn’t afford air conditioning, (I was in Phoenix in the middle of July), my brother Will invited me to a meeting. He called me up and said:

“David… I’m pumped, we’re going to be rich!”

Well, it didn’t take too much convincing for me. I saw those circles drawn out on a whiteboard and was almost hallucinating I was so excited. This just seemed like the EASIEST thing in the world. I mean who wouldn’t want to buy $200 in vitamins every month, and then get everyone they know to do the same?

Heck, I figured that I’d just go sponsor my five people, they’d get five, and a month later I’d be one rich guy and have AT LEAST 78,125 people in my team (give or take a few… not everyone can be rock stars, you know).

Well, to make a really frustrating story short, 3 years later I had a grand total of 36 people in my group and wanted to kill them all… These people just seemed so lazy, when were they going to get off their butt and make me rich?

The fact is I could look back at what I thought and I could say all kinds of things, but life was painful. I did EVERYTHING I was told and no matter how hard I worked and what I did, it just didn’t seem to be enough.

I did meetings and no one showed up, and if anyone did they were either homeless or had just been laid off. I walked around in shopping malls every night after work meeting people, getting business cards, approaching phone salesmen, pretending I was interested in buying cars to try and recruit car salespeople, taking walks hoping to bump into someone that wanted to start a business, hanging out in coffee shops, putting fliers on cars……I EVEN tried SELLING SOAP door-to-door (and you thought that guy was a legend…)

Well, 5 years and 3 companies later, I finally ran into some people who knew what I needed to know and I started really making it, growing a dynamic team, and having success doing traditional network marketing. (Home meetings, hotel meetings, Super Saturdays, and LOTS of one-on-ones).

You know what though?

I hated it.

Every night was spent in another person’s home, every day was spent running around meeting people. Every weekend was another one-time event, and EVERY friend I knew had heard about my business 10 times (most of them are still poor… go figure)

And that’s where Magnetic Sponsoring comes in. I ran into Magnetic Sponsoring three years ago now, and man I WISH that I would have actually paid attention to what it said. Unfortunately, it found me at a time when I was having success through other means, so I let it slip by.

Until 3 months ago.

I picked that thing up again, and it was like Mike Dillard had snuck in my house, torn out all of the pages, and replaced them with a whole new book.

I GOT EXCITED. I made a run again in this industry, but instead of chasing people, I learned that it was possible to have people chasing me. I can’t tell you my specific results because the FTC are a bunch of gangsters, but here’s what I can say…

EVERYTHING I hated about Networking is gone, and not only is my business doing better than it did in the past, but I feel like I’m adding value to people’s lives ALL DAY and night. For example, I don’t deal with stupid objections from prospects now, because I only talk to people who don’t have any objections. (This is so different from what I used to do that it’s not like night and day, it’s like comparing pitch black with standing in the center of the Sun).

So what’s my overall conclusion on Magnetic Sponsoring? It can be an invaluable asset to you in helping you prosper in your online business, and most people will be better off by having it.