Luxurious 5-Star Hotel Experience

The picture the word 5-star hotel paints is one of absolute  luxury and elegance. Rooms with spectacular views, royal treatment, fine dining  and exquisite service. May it be for business or pleasure when staying in a  5-star you expect every need catered for and every whim satisfied.
5-Star Personal  Luxury
Luxury means absolute gratification of body mind and soul.
For this it is essential to be surrounded by natural  beauty There is nothing more gratifying  than natures own handiwork, beautiful tranquil lakes, awe-inspiring mountains,  serene beaches or crashing surfs.
A presidential suite or a luxury suite, or a simple single room;  it should be elegantly designed with all the amenities. Opulent well stocked  bathroom, comfortable furnishings and the best of gadgets like plasma TV, disc  player, computer etc are of course a must.
  24 Hours Room Service, is another essential. Round the clock  service for a newspaper or a gourmet sandwich is needed for absolute  satisfaction of the senses. Services like laundry, nanny and dry cleaning are  also vital.
To truly experience the extravagance of a 5-star Spa  treatments are crucial. A Full line of massage therapies, body, skin, nail and  hair treatments plus steam, sauna and Jacuzzi are indispensable. Indoor pool  and heated outdoor lap pool are an added pleasure.
  Temperature controlled Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, Health  Club, Beauty Salon, Golf Course are also important for ensuing a all round luxurious experience.
The hotel absolutely must have multi-cuisine and specialized  restaurants, a bar and lounge as well as 24 hr coffee shops. It is vital to  have local cuisine as well as a variety of specialized cuisine on the menu for  breakfast, lunch and dinner.
In house Shopping is another luxury aspect of 5-stars.  Boutiques, gift shops and shops carrying the best designer labels in clothes,  perfumes, jewelry and nick-knacks is a must.
5-Star Business  luxury
For a business-man luxury means that with the all the above  mentioned luxury facilities the hotel should be able to look after his business  needs as well.
There should be all the necessary conveniences in the room  like a dedicated work area, PC, fax, multiple phone lines, global calling  facility and broadband internet services. Mini bar and 24 hr room service are  once again indispensable as are in-room safes for the safety concerns for the  business needs
A business man is always in a hurry, it is a bonus for a  5-star hotel to be near the business hub of the city. The hotel should be well connected to airports and stations. A good hotel should have round the clock chauffeured services and it’s always plus to have a helicopter service as well.
There should be multi function rooms to cater to meetings, theatre style seminars and promotions and exhibitions, and the facility for dinners and lunches with full audio + video conferencing facilities. It is imperative that the hotel has conference rooms and business meeting areas that are quiet and peaceful away from disturbances.
The Luxury Experience
A 5-star hotel caters both to the senses and the needs; it should be luxurious as well as practical. A hallmark of a good hotel is that it has a loyal clientele, and loyalty is earned through sterling services and  excellent care, in short through a luxurious 5-star experience.