Lupus Disease A Devastating Diagnosis, and Many Choices

Being told your skin rashes are lupus disease is one of the most devastating diagnosis a person can receive, as there is no known cure. But there are many treatments that give relief from lupus symptoms and research is promising a better future…

Lupus Disease: Real Disease, Real Consequences

The reality is that lupus disease is sometimes fatal. Lupus symptoms can also diminish quality of life considerably, with many suffering debilitating pain and fatigue. If lupus symptoms become severe, patients are unable to work and function normally, and may experience financial hardships, strain on marriages, and many other difficult life changes. Lupus should not merely be a cross to bear, it should be (and is) something that can be controlled and beaten.

Know Lupus: Signs and Symptoms

Lupus disease is a chronic autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks normal tissue. This results in inflammation and other lupus symptoms such as:

• – Swollen, painful, “hot” joints
• – Extreme fatigue that lasts more than a few days
• – Skin rashes, especially a butterfly-shaped rash across the cheeks and nose, and skin sores or lesions
• – Mouth or nose ulcers that lasts more than two weeks
• – Fever over 100 degrees that lasts more than a few days
• – Chest pain upon deep inhalation
• – Anemia symptoms
• – Sensitivity to sun or ultraviolet light
• – Hair loss
• – Fingers turning white in the cold
• – Seizures

Lupus symptoms vary a lot, depending on many factors. No one experiences all of these lupus symptoms, but a combination of them. Proper diagnosis by your physician is advised.

The three most common types of lupus disease are:

-systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) which can affect the blood, blood vessels, skin, kidneys, lungs, joints, heart, liver and nervous system;
-cutaneous lupus erythematosus (CLE) which affects the skin only; and
-drug-induced lupus which is usually temporary, develops after taking certain prescription drugs, and eventually goes away when the drugs are stopped.

Spreading the Word: Lupus

Raising public awareness of lupus disease is of paramount importance. When someone in the public eye has lupus disease, it helps in educating the general public of all those valiant individuals whose struggles with lupus symptoms go unrecognized. It can also provide hope for those who suffer with lupus disease that a normal life can be led.

Leslie Hunt, a 24-year-old Chicago native, made it to the top 20 contestants of “American Idol” in 2007. She was diagnosed with lupus disease when she was 7. Her lupus symptoms are now in remission.

Lupus can strike at any age, to males or females, but normally affects women of childbearing age: nine out of ten people with lupus are women.

Lupus Treatment

Body, mind and spirit are each integral parts of an effective approach to dealing with lupus disease. A recent study showed that higher degrees of social support were associated with improvement in lupus disease, mainly before the patient has reached the final stages. Health is holistic; therefore, exploring the various modalities of holistic healing makes sense when one is diagnosed with lupus disease.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with lupus disease, or even if you’ve been dealing with the lupus symptoms for a long time, you need to learn as much as you can about this devastating illness. Carefully consider utilizing different healing methods, ideally being supervised by a natural health practitioner with solid experience in treating lupus disease alongside a qualified medical doctor. You can make positive, informed choices for your own healing, or help someone you know who is experiencing lupus symptoms to get informed.