Lucid Dreaming – The Importance of Dream Recall

Copyright 2006 Andrew Strachan

The degree to which people can recall their normal run of the mill dreams varies greatly amongst different people.

Some people will recall most of their dreams throughout the night whilst others will claim never to dream because they never recall any.

The problem here is that to successfully master the art of lucid dreaming, it is essential to have a good ability to recall what you dreamt about the night before.

The most obvious reason for this is that there is little point in lucid dreaming if the whole experience is forgotten when you awake!

How To Improve Your Dream Recall

Good dream recall is essential to success. Fact. There are several techniques available to improve dream recall. One of the simplest ways to recall your dreams is to start writing them down when you wake up.

As you wake, just lie still for a moment and then try and remember as much information about your dream as you can.

When you have it in your head, turn the light on and jot down your dream. Try and make notes of any significant features that may re-occur in your dreams.

These are known as ‘dream signs’ and become VERY important as you acquire more advanced skills. When you have noted down several dreams, try to look for something that is common amongst those dreams. These are your dream signs.

The advantage of spotting your dream signs is that you will be subconsciously keeping an eye out for them when you dream. This will greatly increase your chances of having a lucid dream.

This brings me onto my next point.

Keep A Dream Journal

When you start writing down dreams, it helps to keep a dream journal. Don’t just jot dreams down on a scrap of paper. This won’t help. Keep a structured journal that you can refer to.

When you have jotted down a few dreams, try reading through them just before you goto sleep the following night. This will keep you thinking about dreaming whilst you doze off. (important!)

I suggest you keep a folder in which you can collect all of your dreams. Either that or keep a special notepad that you can jot in specifically for your dreams. You will then have all of your previous dreams in one place. Reading through this before bedtime will really help you become lucid in the dreams that follow.

Remembering your dreams is a great way to understand your dreaming mind and improve your chances of lucid dreaming.