Low Maintenance Landscaping; Beautiful Garden For Less

Surely, it would be very appealing to have a landscaped front or back yard landscaped garden. Well, why not; everybody loves beautiful gardens with colorful flowers, shaped and properly maintained bushes and shrubs neatly arranged in a garden. What more when it’s spiced up with visual displays like fountains, grotto, or bird cages. Now, isn’t it great to have your garden landscaped as well?

You surely do but are just skeptic about it because of expenses. Yes, many people think that maintaining a landscaped garden is costly. Not to mention the costs of converting your typical garden into a beautiful landscaped one. But you know what; you can still have a landscaped garden even with minimal budget. That’s right; by having a low maintenance landscaping.

Low maintenance landscaping is not only for those who have limited budget. This idea is also great for those who want to have landscaped gardens but are just too busy to keep up the maintenance. Oh, you might not have any idea about this kind of landscaping. This is basically a way to have a manicured lawn without having to be there all the time to cut the grasses and prune the bushes. In short, you get a beautiful garden without spending too much time in it.

Here are some tips on how you can have a low maintenance landscaped garden;

Plant only those kinds of plants that don’t need a lot of pruning and cutting; even watering Coniferous shrubs and flowering shrubs are great examples of these plants. And there are lots of choices when it comes to these.

Investing on ground cover plants is a great idea if you don’t want a regular visit to your flowerbeds just to ct the weeds. These kinds of plants don’t permit for weeds to develop and grow tall. Things such as colored stones, wood chips, and barks are also great to use when covering areas where you don’t want weeds t grow.

For flowers, you could make use of perennials. They come back every year so you don’t need to shop for new ones every year as well as do the soil preparation.

These are pretty much about the things that you can do as a start for your low maintenance landscaping. Now, most plants will need you to visit them at a regular basis for maintenance. However, there are things that you can do to save time. One of these is by installing a self watering or timed sprinkler. This way, you don’t have to go outside two or three times a day just to water those plants that need regular watering.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Design

The kind of maintenance that most landscaped gardens would need really depend on its design. Now, if you want low maintenance landscaping, be sure to opt for the most simple but elegant design. Be sure to keep the planting contours and lines as simple as possible. Think of the purpose that each plant will serve in the garden, if it doesn’t have one; better think twice in planting it. The more elaborate design a landscape has the more maintenance that it needs.

The kinds of materials used in the landscaped also matters in the maintenance. Patios and paved walkways in a landscaped garden usually require the least attention and care. More structured garden elements such as arbors, lawns and plants like roses will require you of regular and special attention so it is better to avoid them for now.

Source: https://positivearticles.com