Low-Carb Diets Work for Overweight Diabetics

Overweight people with type 2 diabetes can keep their weight and blood sugar under control over the long term by following a low-carbohydrate diet, Swedish researchers reported in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism.
In a recent 44 month study (3 years, 8 months) carried out in Sweden, type 2 diabetics were found to be able keep their weight and blood sugar under control by following a low-carbohydrate diet.

The participants in the study limited their carbohydrate intake and reported that the most significant effect of this low-carb diet is the absence of hunger.
By avoiding starch-rich bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, and breakfast cereals, it minimized the glucose spikes that made it necessary for people with diabetes to take insulin, researchers said.
Of the patients in the trial, all but one had lower weight after the 44 months than when first starting the diet. Furthermore, glucose levels dropped soon after starting the diet and have stayed down over the 44 month period.
A low-carb diet, proper nutrition and adding even a small amount of exercise will directly address and improve your diabetic condition.

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