Love for you from miles away….

Not having your beloved around specially on the worldly known date may make you feel sad and sometimes depressed as well. When your friends and pals around are planning the ensuing Valentine’s Day party with their partners you may feel crushing your head simply because you are feeling horribly lonely and aloof, then rely on the sole fact that you are also a lucky child of St. Valentine and will be getting your gift of Magi right on the day of Valentine. Many people celebrated lonely Valentine’s Days without their beloved around and they have choose many striking ideas not to miss their sweethearts as much as really they are. A lady spend her lonely Valentine’s Day wearing the shirt of her boyfriend and did not put it off until the last trace of the odor remains there. Another man spend his lone day cooking the cookies his sweetheart loved and at the end of the day ate them himself tenderly assuming that her beloved would have enjoyed them the same way.

Trust is the base of any love relationship. Trust factor is the key of the bonding between family members, friends, husband and wife and mostly for a couple. When one is cherishing a love relationship he or she should never forget that it is all about missing, loving, caring and pampering your soul mate. Love is the biggest force to connect the minds together and days long traditions to send one’s love message to the beloved in a distant place is always been practiced with great care and tenderness. Such as sending a love letter and putting it to the mouth of pet pigeon is one of the famous instances. Another one was very popular during the age of adventure and voyages across the seas was writing a love note and putting it inside the bottles. In some cases these tricks often worked with huge success.

Time has changed. Now a days the processes to send Love Letters and Love Messages to sweethearts are more easy and more certain in case of delivery status. There are few ways which makes your love smile on the Valentine’s Day in spite of the uncrossable distance between yourselves.
STEP 1: Send a bouquet of flowers to your lover’s workplace (you’ll get bonus points for the public display of your affection).
STEP 2: E-mail your mate an electronic valentine.
STEP 3: Fax a photocopy of candy hearts with endearing messages such as “Miss You” or “U R Hot”.
STEP 4: FedEx or mail a package of love. Include chocolate, candy hearts, a recent photograph of the two of you that your lover has never seen, a poem you wrote yourself (or a copy of an Cummings poem, for example, if you’re not the romance-writer type), a “homemade” tape including songs that put you both in the mood.
STEP 5: Arrange for a singing Valentine to surprise your sweetie at work.
STEP 6: Plan a wakeup call for Valentine’s morning, ensuring that the first words your lover hears on Valentine’s Day are either “I love you,” or “I had a dream about you last night…”
STEP 7: Spend the evening writing a love letter or putting together a Valentine’s scrap book to send to your lover the following day.
STEP 8: Schedule a phone date toward the end of the evening, perhaps sending your valentine some sensuous bath oils and a bottle of champagne ahead of time to coincide with the call. Topics of conversation? Use your imagination.
When your partner is not around on Valentine’s Day it’s about the sincere, loving connection between two people, and the celebration of that connection from miles away. It’s a very unique, personal tie between you two. Don’t let marketers convince you that only their way is the right way, and that you must be together. You can be just as close, and just as in love, and just as connected, even if your darling happens to be away from you for this day.
So remember the tune that you perhaps sang while leaving your beloved …
“ kiss me and smile for me
tell me that you wait for me
hold me like you never let me go…”

And then raise a toast to the special love which is yours!